Vacuum pump: what is it for and how to use it?

At any age, a man wants to have a beautiful and healthy penis. The most reliable and effective way to help keep penis tissue healthy ispumping. This technique is the most popular and sought after in this field of activity by customers.

Vacuum pump in action - the penis enlargement process

The manufacturers of the pump promise that during its use there will be an instant result of incredible proportions. But as practice shows, the penis increases slightly and for a certain time.

A vacuum pump is currently used in medicine after prostate surgery. It helps maintain penis length and treats erectile dysfunction. According to experts, the pump improves penile erection and eliminates some causes of erectile dysfunction.

In this article we would like to show you how to increase your erection and penis size without resorting to surgery.

Vacuum pump and its benefits

Pump benefits:

  • A pump is a vacuum pump that fills the tissue of an organ, during which it receives more oxygen and blood. This reduces the risk of developing fibrous growths, the penis maintains its length and erectile capacity;
  • The pump eliminates the following symptoms of erectile dysfunction:
    • State of depression, fear, anxiety;
    • If the blood supply to the penis is insufficient.

The penis is placed in the pump and a vacuum is created there. Thanks to this, the penis receives a large amount of blood and becomes thick, but not for long. When the blood supply is normalized, the length and thickness of the penis returns to its original place.

If you systematically use the vacuum pump technique, you can restore potency and improve erection quality. We can say with complete confidence that the pump has a positive effect on the intimate area of men.

Pump damage

The pump has the following contraindications:

  • In general, devices do not cause harm to the body, but they can cause a series of risks that will cause harm. Therefore, the technique contains several contraindications;
  • Do not use the pump if you have a tendency to bleed or use blood thinners together;
  • You should not take certain groups of painkillers;
  • A vacuum pump is not recommended for circulatory disorders, congenital defects and disorders caused by prolonged and painful penile erection;
  • Some clients experience side effects during the procedure that disappear on their own after canceling the procedure;
  • To obtain a visible result, it is necessary to apply vacuum twice a day for 45 minutes;
  • Before using the pump, ejaculation is necessary so that later during the procedure the penis is as relaxed as possible, otherwise there will be no positive effect;
  • Blood diseases, thrombophlebitis, liver and kidney pathologies, foreskin diseases;
  • Surgery for colon and prostate pathology;
  • Diabetes.

What does a penis look like after a vacuum pump?

Penis after using vacuum pump

Side effects:

  • There is not enough hardness at the base of the penis;
  • Red and purple spots appear on the skin;
  • Uncomfortable feeling of erection;
  • The skin color darkens, becomes dry and dull;
  • Decrease in erection for a short time;
  • Pain from a bruise on the penis.

Which pump should I buy to use?

You can buy a vacuum pump without a prescription at a pharmacy kiosk. Before using it, you must consult a urologist. The doctor will give recommendations on the need to use a pump depending on the individual characteristics of the patient. The specialist will also tell you which brand of vacuum cleaner to buy so that it meets the man's needs.

You need to stop your attentionin pumps equipped with safety valves. This device will help reduce the risk of injury during the procedure and maintain normal vacuum pressure.

Before use, read the instructions for use carefully. The device must not be handed over to other people. In the first 14 days, the session should not exceed 2 minutes. To maintain the result obtained, you must place an erection ring on the penis. More than 80% of male respondents speak positively about using the pump.

Preparing for therapy

Before starting the session, you must consult a specialist. Only a specialist will be able to examine the patient and identify contraindications to the use of vacuum therapy. Sometimes the cause of contraindications can be psychological aspects that can be easily eliminated.

Before using the pump, wash it with warm soapy water. It is forbidden to boil or pour boiling water over it. Furthermore, the pump should not be used by more than one person. The pump is quite fragile and must be used with care and not thrown away. The vacuum must be stored in a dark, dry place at a temperature not exceeding 35 degrees.

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement and erection improvement

Algorithm for carrying out the procedure:

  • Before placing the pump, it is best to lubricate its base with a special lubricant;
  • A very greasy lubricant will render the vacuum pump unusable;
  • Place the penis on the base of the pump and press it firmly against the scrotum;
  • Before starting the session, it is necessary to lubricate the penis with ointment to increase blood supply;
  • Then air must be pumped out of the pump, thereby increasing the pressure in the pump and creating blood flow to the organ;
  • Hold the vacuum cleaner with your left hand and use the other to pump the air inside;
  • The bottle hole must be covered and, if there is a valve, close it;
  • During the session, it is possible to observe a slight increase in erection and hyperemia of the penis. After half a minute, you need to open the valve and let air into the bottle;
  • The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. During this period, an erection can occur for one minute approximately 20 times.

With systematic use of the pump at intervalsonce every two dayssignificant results can be achieved.

For the first 14 days, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner at night, two hours before bed, for 30 seconds. In the following weeks, you can increase the pump impact to 60 seconds, taking a 2-minute break. If immediately after the session the erection weakens, you will need to use an erection ring. It is attached to the base of the penis.

Vacuum pump: what type of device is it?

A classic vacuum pump consists of the following parts:

  • A transparent bottle made of thick plastic;
  • There is a pressure bulb or pump in it;
  • Special latex seal.

To obtain a positive result, it is necessary to press the bottle firmly against the body when inserting the penis.

Vacuum Pump Equipment:

  • A bottle with a sealing ring into which the penis is inserted;
  • Air valve for safety;
  • Manometer that regulates the pressure in the middle of the cylinder;
  • Pump or bulb for air regulation;
  • Small hose.

How does the device work and how to use it?

Using a vacuum with an air pump

You need to pump air from the cylinder using a bulb, creating pressure in it and blood flow to the penis. The procedure takesabout 20 minutes. You cannot use the vacuum cleaner for a long time as this may cause injury to the penis. To give air access to the cylinder, in some models it is necessary to press the valve, which is located next to the bulb; in others, you just open the hole that you hold with your finger.

When the desired erection is achieved, to prolong the effect it is necessary to place an erection ring at the base of the penis. This device prevents blood from returning from the penis and keeps it in a state of excitement for a long time.

Using a vacuum pump with a hydraulic pump

A pump with a hydraulic pump is used in this way:

  • Fill the bathtub with warm water until it covers half of your body. Lie down and relax in the bathtub for about 5 minutes. This way the scrotum will be able to relax and the effect of the procedure will be at the highest level;
  • Do some foreplay and wait for the penis to enlarge and expand with a vacuum pump;
  • Now take the pump, place it in the water and insert your penis into it;
  • Try to press the bottle firmly against the scrotum to ensure an airtight seal. The pump should be placed evenly around the scrotum, holding it with one hand. This will help reduce the risk of injury to the penis and make the procedure comfortable;
  • Until the vacuum is created, you need to make several pumping movements on yourself. Excess water must be removed by draining it through the valve, especially if it causes pain. To do this, you will need to pump the pump about 5 times until the liquid leaves the cylinder;
  • When you feel that the pressure in the pump is sufficient, relax and lie down for five minutes. If you feel that the pressure in the vacuum has decreased, pressing the pump removes the air accumulated in the middle of the pump. The air becomes thinner due to the enlargement of the penis and the bottle becomes completely full of it.


Advertising about the benefits of a product does not always correspond to reality. But when buying a product you want to be sure that it will bring the desired result and that the money will not be wasted. Therefore, before purchasing a product, you should thoroughly study all reviews from customers who have already used this item.

Vacuum pump with positive reviews from men

We would like to provide some comments for your attention:

  • I bought the vacuum cleaner more as a toy for fun. The included bulb was not very dense and I had to replace it with a new one. If you pump the air as instructed, the procedure takes place in a comfortable and pain-free environment. Basically, the penis has only increased in width;
  • It is necessary to use the pump with extreme caution to avoid pumping air and rupturing blood vessels. The penis does not increase in length, but only in width. I have been using this device for 2 years and I am very satisfied with the results. Unfortunately, during this time the pear has worn out and now needs to be replaced;
  • Increases approximately 1 cm in 3 months. It is very convenient to use, pumps well and quickly. The vacuum cleaner is reasonably priced;
  • I advise everyone to take advantage of this true miracle. After a short period of time, the penis grew, the erection increased, and the symptoms of erectile dysfunction disappeared.

Effectiveness of the medicine

The effectiveness of the device is as follows:

  • Helps eliminate the causes of sexual dysfunction. With regular use of the pump, the volume of the penis increases and a high-quality erection is maintained throughout the act;
  • Prolongation of sexual intercourse. The act increases over time as the sensitivity of the penis decreases after using the pump. And ejaculation takes some time. Therefore, it is better to apply vacuum before starting the act;
  • Straightening the penis. If there is curvature of the penis, when the shaft has different lengths on both sides. After the extraction procedure, the penis enlarges and straightens, which helps keep it erect for sexual intercourse;
  • The penis increases in length and width;
  • With constant use, the blood supply in the corpora cavernosa of the organ is restored;
  • Increased sensitivity of the genital organ;
  • Prevention of sexual dysfunctions;
  • Blood stagnation in the capillaries is eliminated;
  • Using it before sexual intercourse allows you to make sex bright, long and unforgettable;
  • You can buy a pump at a pharmacy or online store.

Where to buy

You can buy a vacuum pump from an online store that sells sex toys. The pump is designed to enlarge the penis by flowing a large amount of blood into it. Only buy a product that has a quality certificate so that it provides the desired effect and does not cause harm to the rest of the body.

A vacuum pump costs approximatelyfrom $13 to $26, depending on the kit and its quality. This is much less than the penis enlargement surgery that men are considering.

Final result

The vacuum pump gives a positive result,if you bought the right size and an original, quality product.The pump can be used not only to enlarge the penis, but also for sexual games. Before use, read the instructions carefully and consult a urologist.

The procedure also has a number of contraindications and side effects. Customer reviews indicate that the product is of high quality and gives the desired result.