How to enlarge the penis at home alone

Every man for whom the quality of his sex life is important should have a clear idea of the ideal penis. Details desires may differ, but large size remains a priority, perhaps for everyone. The small length and girth of manhood become a serious reason for complexes and obsessive thoughts about how to enlarge a penis at home. Why at home? It is not customary to disclose such intimate problems, in fact, if it is possible to solve them alone, without involving third parties, why not try?

Is penis enlargement at home real or a myth?

A small dick doesn't satisfy everyone, and you shouldn't just perceive this problem as "inability to use it". You shouldn't ask just anyone about how to enlarge a penis at home - most are skeptical of these endeavors. However, skepticism is in vain - scientific progress leads to the emergence of increasingly effective ways and methods of penis enlargement at home. There is practically no muscle tissue in the penis and it "works" according to the hydraulic principle. The ability to stretch and change volume under pressure creates opportunities to lengthen the penis.

woman in bed with a man with an enlarged penis

Rumor has it that after just 2 months of satisfaction with the help of a very narrow opening, the male sexual organ can shrink. Such a statement is hardly true, but the increase in size is definitely not a myth. The systematic implementation of targeted actions, in particular, special exercises, effective tools and proven means will soon allow you to answer the question of whether it is possible to enlarge a penis at home. And this answer will be yes, but only with the right approach.

Folk remedies

On the Internet we find many articles on how to enlarge the penis at home with folk remedies and methods. However, the effectiveness of alternative medicine is in question, although the reviews of some men who decided on "grandfather" experiments indicate a positive result.


Some impose compresses with soda and honey, others do baths with soda solution and soda scrubs. Soda can also be taken orally. Efficacy has not been proven and is highly questionable.

herbal decoctions

A decoction of wormwood is used, you can also prepare garlic tincture (200 g of garlic per 250 ml of good quality alcohol), an infusion with thyme (100 g per 300 ml of boiling water).

herbal remedies

One of the most famous popular methods is to rub the genitals with aloe juice squeezed from "adult" leaves (they must be cut at the roots). An alternative is horse chestnut tincture, which you can make yourself or buy at a regular pharmacy. Infusions of ginseng root, ginkgo leaves and hawthorn berries are also on the list of non-traditional "remedies".

In the case of folk remedies, you act at your own risk. Using various methods of penis enlargement at home, a man must understand that really working methods must be confirmed by research and proven on a scientific level.

Creams, gels, pills

Gels, creams, sprays, pills and special supplements for male organ growth are of dubious effectiveness and affect the quality of a man's sex life and not the duration of his "device". Only naturally can elongation of the penis be achieved, stimulating tissue growth and cell division.

Therefore, such drugs and drugs show effectiveness only when used "in pairs" with other methods that really give results, proven by scientific research and the real experience of men.

Jelqing Exercises

The method of stretching the penis with jelqing came from the Middle East. Few people know, but in fact this is an ancient Arab technique, which is a manipulation of the genitals, similar to milking. Distinguish dry, wet and squeeze jelq. In all cases, the male organ is stretched with the hands.

There are many variations of such exercises, but there are no "secret" formulas or a universal program. You should select a program individually and stop at the one that will prove effective in your case. The body's reaction under different loads is the main guideline.

Initially, you should practice jelq in a semi-erection and then increase the intensity of the classes due to the erect state. Cultivate self-discipline in yourself, do these exercises regularly and watch for a slow increase.

How is the whole process:

  • Treat the skin with lubricant (relevant for beginners);
  • Then create a ring with your index finger and thumb at the base;
  • Make a firm grip of the penis with an OK grip;
  • Attach the shaft of the penis and direct the blood towards the head;
  • When the hand reaches the head, with the other hand, make an OK grip at the base. The first hand hit the head - it is released, the second begins to move.

An approach should last around 10 minutes and consist of around 250 iterations. In general, classes last about 40 minutes a day, and that time includes not only the jelq, but also other exercises for a more varied load. The growth is not immediately noticeable, so you need to prepare yourself to work hard for many months or even years.

How to enlarge the penis at home without pain using jelq? To avoid pain and injury, maintain a moderate pace and pace, starting with wet jelqing. After 6-8 weeks of regular training, it is worth building an erection for new activities by around 50-70%. Jelqing goes well with stretching.

Let's look at some additional jelq techniques.


It implies impact on the head. We connect the index finger and thumb and slowly direct the blood to the head, where you should hold your hand for about ten seconds.

reverse jelq

With the help of one hand, the organ is grasped by the base, the other by the head. Then we stretch the erect organ to the base. And so 30 reps.

In addition to the ability to stretch your "device", with the implementation of various exercise techniques, you can observe the following improvements:

  • Better blood circulation in the penis;
  • Firmer and improved erection;
  • Elimination of premature ejaculation;
  • Increasing sexual stamina;
  • Better erection control.

On forums and blogs they write how you can enlarge a penis at home up to 5 centimeters in length and up to 3 in volume: "When performing various jelq and intimate massage techniques, systematic and discipline is required. "Of course, these values are individual in nature, and here are record numbers (perhaps overestimated - men like to exaggerate). But at the very least, long-term daily massage contributes to a significant improvement in a man's sex life.


All manipulations are carried out exclusively by hand. Your goal is systematic movements, starting with slow efforts. The painful reaction of the penis will only occur during incorrect and excessively intense tension.

Jai Stretch - pulling the penis forward for 2 seconds (stretches the upper leagues of the penis and PC muscle), suggesting alternating relaxation for 2 seconds. 20 repetitions are performed, the level of erection is from 0 to 40%. Training time - about 5 minutes or a certain number of approaches. In the topics on how to enlarge the penis at home with the help of stretching, forum users recommend combining the technique with breathing practices.

The main complex (A, V and reverse V stretch) involves grasping the shaft of the penis in an arbitrary area (but not the head), gently extending forward while holding the stretched position for half a minute. Restoration of blood flow occurs due to the tapping of the penis on the leg. Stretch the penis in different directions for 30 seconds.

As with other exercise and massage techniques, over the months of training, a slight result in the enlargement of the genital organ can be observed. More positive changes will be in a man's sex life.


Suspending a load on the male organ gives a tangible effect compared to exercises and manual techniques, but on the other hand there is a possibility of injuring the penis. Do not hang too large a load, pay attention to the design of the lock on the head - it should not be traumatic. In no case should a short period of use be compensated for by increased loads.

There are specially designed factory suspension models - hangers with a working weight of about 1. 25 kg and a vacuum mount. It is their experts who recommend using them for hanging. The head will be fixed by a convenient camera, all scratches are reduced to almost zero.

water pump

Another way to enlarge the penis at home without creams, manual actions and operations is to use pumps. Its main objective is to create a good erection, but it must be remembered that a long stay of the penis in the vacuum leads to skin damage and severe swelling.

Hydropumps, unlike conventional pumps, do not allow skin contact with the vacuum, therefore, they lead to a greater and more prolonged stretching of the tissues. Warm water perfectly heats fabrics and contributes to their better elasticity. The hydropump is able to give a temporary result (allows you to increase the penis by 10-15% right before sex) or correct it when used as a complement to the extender.

The use of a hydropump alone gives a small and slow growth of the penis in girth and length, and the first results (subject to daily exercises lasting 20 minutes) are noticeable only after 3-4 months. Possible side or negative results.


A home method to lengthen the male genital organ, the effectiveness of which has been proven by several studies, is the use of an extender. In addition to penis enlargement, this device allows you to correct the curvature. During many hours of use of the extender, the tissues of the penis stretch and grow, eliminating tension. Therefore, using an extender allows men to gain a few more inches for a lifetime.

What results to expect? It directly depends on the characteristics of your body, regularity and total time of use. In the last 10 years, many studies have been carried out that have proven the effectiveness of using extenders.

The aim of the study in 2008 was to study the effect of traction - stretching the penis with an extender, in the process of treating Peyronie's disease. For 6 months, the result was obtained in the form of a 33 ° straightening, and in addition, the study revealed an increase in the length of the penis by 1-2. 5 cm, circumference - by 0. 5-1 cm.

Stretching with a traction device 5 hours a day for 6 months showed results in the form of straightening the penis from 27 to 31°, with a lengthening of 1. 7 cm. After 12 months from the start of the study, it was found that the results remained and were fixed.

The result of 11 studies, in which the enlargement of the male genital organ through the use of extenders was confirmed, confirms its effectiveness.

Patients wore the extender for 4-6 hours a day for the first two weeks. After that and until the end of the 3rd month, the daily use time was 9 hours. It was possible to obtain an increase in the length of the penis by an average of 1. 7 cm.

The 2019 study is the largest study conducted to date. The number of subjects was 93, the period was 12 weeks. Straightening was obtained at an average of 31. 2°, elongation of 1. 8 cm (maximum result was 3 cm).

After 6-8 months of active use of the extender, you may achieve:

  • Length increase;
  • Thickening of the penis (increase in girth);
  • Increased libido;
  • Prolongation of the time of sexual intercourse.

When using strap-fixation devices, the foreskin is also enlarged (can be used to lengthen it if necessary).

How to enlarge the penis at home with an extender if you have never used these methods? To begin with, it is important to go through a load adaptation program. During the first month and a half, the time of daily use should be increased from one hour to six, and the tension force - from 200 g to 1150 g. In the early stages, you cannot use force methods, but you can use a stretcher or a hanger (suspension).

A cycle of using the extender should last at least 60 minutes but no longer than 3 hours, after which a break is required to restore blood circulation. To get a good result, total usage time should be 6 hours a day and cycles don't have to be long, but the longer one approach the better (one set - no more than 3 hours). Infrequent jumps are allowed, although daily training is recommended.

Why is it possible and safe to enlarge your penis at home with an extender? Of many other techniques that can be used without leaving home, the use of an extender differs in that it does not belong to pseudoscientific or traditional medicine. The effectiveness of this method is not confirmed by comments from forum members or bloggers, but by real studies in which thousands of men participated. Using such a device does not lead to complications, does not damage blood vessels, and can be quite convenient and painless, if, of course, you choose the "right" extender. You can wear it discreetly whether at work, on the road, traveling, doing daily household chores. This is one of the few non-surgical methods that can give real results instead of unrealistic expectations. The main thing is to ensure that there are no individual contraindications.

The result of which method is more reliable

Using gels, creams, special nutrition, dietary supplements and pills, you can achieve blood flow stimulation, improved erection, prolonging an intimate act and, in general, better self-control during sex. These home penis enlargement methods create conditions for growth rather than stimulating it.

By engaging in special exercises, complex types of massage, regular jelqing and hanging, you can count on an increase in penis length and girth, but slowly.

But how to enlarge the penis at home and get a stable result without negative consequences? Specialists and andrologists strongly recommend the use of high quality extenders combined with stretchers, complementing and consolidating the result using pumps and hydropumps as auxiliary devices. And only in extreme cases should resort to surgical intervention.