Choosing the easiest way to enlarge your penis with exercises and devices

For all men, sexual dignity plays a very important role, as the inability to satisfy one's partner leads to psychological problems. Therefore, most of the stronger sex want to add a few inches to their penis size. But first, let's look at the statistics.

The normal size for the Caucasian breed ranges from 13 to 16 centimeters and three centimeters in diameter. Consequently, those who fit this picture may not have complexes, but with a sense of dignity to fulfill their duty in bed.

And for those who still want to add diameter and length, you should familiarize yourself with how to make a penis bigger in a simple way.

Can more be done at home?

a man looks in his underwear and wants to increase his dick

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the good old methods of penis enlargement, then read on. Before starting "work" at home, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with all the methods on how to simply enlarge a penis:

  1. Jelqing.
  2. massage techniques.
  3. Extension devices: extenders and pumps.
  4. Cargo stretchers.
  5. Preparations: creams, sprays, tablets.

Be warned that, as with any penis enlargement method, don't expect immediate results. After all, tissue growth, and this is how centimeters are added to the penis, takes place over the course of several months.

You can open the secret in advance - an instant increase occurs when using ointments and other means, but, unfortunately, this result is temporary, and after a few hours the penis will regain its previous size. Therefore, this simple method of penis enlargement does not suit us.


The action is based on stretching the cavernous bodies as much as possible, they are the structure of the penis. Therefore, each time during the exercise, the diameter will gradually increase due to the maximum blood flow, therefore, centimeters will be added to the length.

Interestingly, when doing the jelq, as an added bonus you get some increase in head size.

jelqing finger ring for penis enlargement

So you can proceed directly to the exercise technique.

  1. To increase elasticity, first of all, the corpora cavernosa are heated. For this manipulation you will need heated salt, poured on a woven thing, for example, on a clean sock. In this form, salt is applied to the penis for several minutes. Distribute the contents of the heating pad so that it covers the entire surface of the penis. Only with proper warm-up can a good result be achieved in the future.
  2. This is followed by milking - this literal translation has the word jelqing. First, the penis is brought to 50% erection, and only after that you can proceed to the main actions.
  3. We treat the penis with a warming lubricant and start milking - the organ is wrapped at the base in a ring of fingers and a strong grip is taken to the head of the penis. The duration of the exercise is around 35 seconds while the repetitions should be around 50.

Incorrectly performing the jelqing technique will bring not only benefits but also harm.

Extenders for enlargement

You can find this name as an extender, but the principle of action on the penis does not change from this. The device looks quite simple: two rings, which are fixed behind them by fixing stubble, increasing in length.

Initially, a ring fixes the base of the penis and the second head. In this case, it is necessary to increase the length of the rods each time to create resistance, but without discomfort.

The results of this exposure will be noticeable after six months of regular use. According to the reviews, we can conclude that the body adds more than three centimeters. Apparently, thanks to this fact, extenders are among the ten most effective ways.

massage techniques

penis massage to increase

Interestingly, but even masturbation performed correctly can increase the size of the penis. The whole secret lies in the following: when massaging the organ, you should try to stretch the penis a little.

Note that, as before any type of massage, the muscles must be warmed up, so a warm compress must be applied.

Then the penis with a slight erection is recommended to compress and decompress. Such an action, according to experts, will be able to increase blood flow and thus stimulate tissue growth.

The second action that needs to be performed is when masturbating, you need to pinch the penis a little in the head area and try to stretch it a little, taking a few seconds. These simple penis enlargement exercises will not only help you increase your size but also improve erections.

Before choosing exercises, you should also pay attention to manual penis enlargement, Aaron Kemer and Kegel exercises.

Ointments and other means

Today, there are a huge number of potency stimulant drugs - ointments, gels, tablets, drops, sprays. It is quite difficult to determine the most active among them. But, of course, each remedy gives a certain result with a certain duration.

a man with a naked torso and an enlarged penis

If you take local remedies, they are based on heating components that maximize blood flow to the penis. The advantages of such drugs:

  • vivid sensations during intercourse;
  • increased orgasm;
  • delivering great pleasure to the partner;
  • maximum erection;
  • due to a strong flow of blood, the penis increases in size.

That's just all these effects are short lived and can only last for a few hours. But an effective erection is guaranteed.

If out of all the methods you choose the easiest way to enlarge your penis, the main thing to remember is that there is no injury in the method. After all, for example, using the suspension of weights or using the extender incorrectly can lead to tissue compression with its subsequent death.