How soda affects penis enlargement

Baking soda or baking soda is a widely used remedy. In addition to being used in cooking, it is used to clean kitchen utensils and eliminate heartburn. It can be used in almost all walks of life for a modern person.


It is not recommended to use soda inside in the presence of the following diseases:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastritis in the chronic phase;
  • increased stomach acidity;
  • soda allergy.

Instructions for use

Before external use of refrigerant, it is imperative to carry out a sensitivity test. To do this, add a small amount of water to the soda to make a kind of porridge. The resulting composition is applied to the skin of the penis, after which it is necessary to wait about half an hour. If during this period there is no redness or burning sensation, then you will not have an allergy and you can proceed with the procedures.

massage treatments

The massage procedure should be carried out in three stages:

  1. Training. Take a soft towel and soak it in warm water. They need to wrap around the genitals, leaving them that way for several minutes. This action is necessary to activate blood flow as well as increase the elasticity of the penis. During the next half hour, the procedure is repeated four times.
  2. Massage. This technique aims to stretch the body. This allows you to evenly distribute blood flow through your veins. Previously, a soda paste is prepared (the powder is mixed with a small amount of water until the required consistency is obtained), which is then gently rubbed on Organs genitals by stretching movements.
  3. Conclusion. After the procedure, you need to lie down, completely relaxed. It is not advisable to skip this step as the body may perceive this as stress, which will negatively affect the restored blood flow.

soda intake

We start with a quarter of a teaspoon, gradually bringing the dosage to a tablespoon. To get a high result of penis enlargement with baking soda, you should take the remedy regularly for two to three months.


The compress is made as follows:

  1. Dissolve 3 teaspoons in a glass of water.
  2. We moisten a small piece of gauze in the resulting solution, after which it must be well squeezed.
  3. We wrap the penis with prepared gauze and wait 15 minutes.


A good therapeutic effect is guaranteed by taking properly prepared baths. Their recipe is extremely simple:

  1. Pour 5 liters of water into a container.
  2. Add 2 soda packets.
  3. Take a warm bath. The recommended temperature is 37 degrees.
  4. Pour the pre-prepared soda solution into the bath.
  5. Do the procedure in 20 minutes.
  6. Take a contrast bath, which will restore blood circulation.

Other Recipes to Enlarge the Penis with Baking Soda

To enhance the effect of the soda, you can use honey, olive oil and even Asterisk balm. Consider these recipes in more detail:

  1. Soda and olive oil. This unique blend has a dual effect: on the one hand, the soda improves blood flow and, on the other hand, the oil improves tissue elasticity. To get a remedy, you need to take 3 tablespoons of soda and olive oil, mixing well. The ointment is rubbed into the penis with gentle movements.
  2. Soda and balm "Asterisco". As this balm contains several useful essential oils, it has a positive effect on the body, normalizing blood flow and improving metabolic processes. To prepare the product, it is necessary to dissolve the soda in a small amount of water until a pasty mixture is obtained, after which the balm must be added to each tablespoon of the composition in the size of a match head. The resulting mass is applied to the perineum and penis. If a burning sensation occurs, the product should be washed off immediately with cold water.
  3. Soda and honey to enlarge the penis. When prepared correctly, it turns out to be a very powerful remedy. To enlarge the penis with soda, mix a teaspoon of soda with 0. 5 teaspoon of liquid honey. The finished product is applied to the genitals for several minutes, after which it must be washed off with warm water.

Is soda effective for penis enlargement?

Many people are interested in the question, is it possible to enlarge the penis with soda? It is reasonable to answer it only after analyzing the composition of this product.

It should be noted that this substance remarkably protects the penis from injuries and various complications. Certain physical exercises can increase the chance of blood clots, but baking soda, due to its unique composition, can thin the blood, which prevents blood clots from forming.

How Can You Enlarge Your Penis With Baking Soda?

Before enlarging the penis with soda, you need to consider some very important rules for the use of this substance. The most common method is massage. To get a positive result quickly and safely, you need to perform the exercise correctly, otherwise there is a possibility of damage to the sensitive skin of the phallus. The procedure includes several steps:

  1. Preparatory. Before enlarging the limb at home with soda, you need to prepare the organ so that the skin becomes elastic and blood circulation increases. To do this, you need to take a towel - it is better to give preference to a softer option. After you need to wet it with warm water and wrap the penis, leave it for 2-3 minutes. The procedure is repeated several times - at least 3.
  2. Massage. Not everyone knows how to enlarge the penis with soda through massage, the main purpose of which is to stretch the organ. Among the approaches, it is necessary to ensure a qualitative restoration of adequate blood circulation, performing smooth and light movements. When the penis is stretched, a large amount of blood mass enters it, after which, due to gentle massage, it will be evenly distributed through all the veins. Soda should be applied directly during the massage. To do this, simply take a pinch of the substance in your hands and literally "press" it onto the surface of the penis. The procedure is somewhat similar to using an exfoliant.
  3. restorer. After completing the exercises for penis enlargement with sodium bicarbonate, the normal functioning of the body should be restored. To do this, you just need to lie down and relax.

soda lotions

To prepare a soda solution, you need to take 2 tbsp. tablespoons of the substance and mix well in 100-150 ml of warm water. Moisten a gauze or small towel in the resulting solution and place this compress on the inguinal region. The size of the tissue must be such that it is possible to completely envelop the genital organ.

You can increase the effectiveness of penis enlargement with baking soda by taking it internally. It has a positive effect on the internal environment of the body, that is, it contributes to the regulation of the functioning of important organs and systems. In some cases, the small size is due to the presence of concomitant diseases, of which the man may not be aware. They lead to a decrease in the quality of erection or even cause impotence. The use of the substance will rid the body of toxins and toxins, which can lead to dangerous pathologies.

Before taking the substance, you need to consult a specialist - a qualified doctor will tell you how to enlarge the penis with sodium bicarbonate and do it safely and as quickly as possible.

You need to start in small doses - a quarter of a teaspoon twice a day. This is done between meals. Over time, the dosage increases to 1 tbsp. spoons per reception.

For the prevention of various diseases and problems with the digestive system, it is necessary to use a soda solution - 1 teaspoon of powder is added to 150 ml of water. You need to drink the drug in the morning before eating.

Of course, the direct use of soda will not change the size of the penis, but in any case it will positively affect a man's health and his psycho-emotional state.

soda bath for penis enlargement

The procedure shows the greatest effectiveness immediately before the exercises, so the bath normalizes the blood circulation in the penis and relaxes its tissues. The duration of the procedure is approximately 15 minutes. It is necessary to apply these manipulations as soon as possible within a month, but not more than 2 times a day. Respondents unanimously stated that soda is a very reliable and safe substance to increase male "dignity", causing no complications throughout the course.

security regulations

The male reproductive system is very sensitive to various negative manifestations, so it must be protected from pathogenic environmental and internal factors. Despite the positive qualities of the product, this method can lead to serious consequences. To avoid this, you must follow a series of rules that will keep your health in order. These include the following aspects:

  • if internal use is planned, you need to be extremely careful, especially if there is any disease of the digestive system. If acidity increases in the stomach, regular ingestion of the drug in large quantities causes the development of gastritis or even ulcers;
  • you need to consult your doctor so that he excludes the presence of individual intolerance to this product;
  • in the presence of a disease such as diabetes mellitus, it is better to refrain from using it in any way, because the effect of its active components is precisely on the circulatory bodies;
  • it is prohibited if a man has been diagnosed with a malignant formation, because after several doses of the substance the blood becomes more liquid, due to which cancer cells spread more quickly throughout the body;
  • you should stop using this remedy with low stomach acidity, as this has serious consequences;
  • some men suffer from skin hypersensitivity - the skin has increased dryness. This will cause severe irritation or even an inflammatory process, which is especially unacceptable in the reproductive system.

This method works

Is it true that sodium bicarbonate enlarges the penis? Surprisingly, this is true. The substance is sodium bicarbonate, which thins the blood. This phenomenon provides a good help during gymnastics to enlarge the penis.

Preparing for the augmentation procedure

Below are the top tips:

  1. Buy a soda. It is advisable not to save and choose the most expensive option, without impurities.
  2. Your genitals should be ready for a healing boost, which means cooking them in warm water is recommended. Do this with a cloth compress or simply in the shower.
  3. Prepare additional components for massage for the purpose of enlargement (if any are needed in the chosen method of penis enlargement).
  4. For maximum convenience when enlarging, store wet and dry sanitary pads with which you can quickly remove excess baking soda.

Instructions to Enlarge the Penis with Soda

For maximum comfort and enlargement, try using baking soda in warm water while showering.

In the bath, gently stretch the penis lengthwise, squeezing it with two fingers and moving it towards the head.

We achieve maximum results

This method does not give a long-term result, but if you take baths or rub the skin daily for 1 month, the phallus will visually increase, this is especially noticeable in an erect state. The main thing is to take a break. We alternate one month of classes with a break of 1-2 weeks.

The use of coolant inside

To increase penis enlargement, it is permissible to take soda in combination with other methods. In moderation, soda has a beneficial effect on the body's internal systems. In some cases, insufficient genitalia and slow erections occur due to concomitant illnesses that occur without symptoms.

Regular use of soda to increase allows you to cleanse the body of toxins that cause inflammatory and infectious diseases.

a little theory

Soda penis enlargement is one of today's controversial ways to solve a man's problem.

Guaranteed to increase the size of the penis can be surgically, but not all men decide on the operation, and not everyone has the means to carry it out.

Therefore, the use of NaHCO3 (the chemical formula of refrigerant) is very popular because it is available to everyone.

Are there any contraindications for use?

Every penis enlargement technique has its contraindications, and baking soda is no exception. The procedure must be abandoned:

  • For men suffering from diabetes, it will definitely not be helpful here. The reason for this is a direct effect on blood cells.
  • The presence of malignant tumors. Soda has a blood thinning effect, and this environment is conducive to the reproduction and spread of cancer cells throughout the body.
  • Sensitive skin. When a man's skin is not only sensitive but also dry, soda will cause irritation and inflammation.

Baking Soda to Enlarge Male Organs

Before starting the procedures, you need to understand if they are necessary for you. The fact is that most men who believe that they definitely need to stretch their genitals are wrong. Thus, in medicine, a small penis is one that, in an excited state, does not reach more than 10 centimeters.

Before deciding to enlarge the penis with sodium bicarbonate, it should be understood that even if it is possible to achieve the growth of the organ, you should not expect a gigantic size within a week.

Based on the positive feedback from representatives of the stronger sex, who tried this method of solving the problem, we can conclude that the organ will be enlarged by 1, at most 2 cm.

To enlarge the penis, the usual soda is used, but it is used inside and out.

The positive effects of the product on the male genitals are as follows:

  1. Elimination of harmful microorganisms from the penis - recommended for use in case of infectious disease that requires antiseptic treatments.
  2. Soda stimulates the production of testosterone, has a positive effect on sex life.
  3. Promotes the removal of toxins and toxins - helps in hormone production.
  4. With the help of soda, they get rid of the initial stage of prostatitis, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Instructions for use

The expansion process is carried out in stages:

  1. Preparatory phase. A soft towel soaked in warm water is wrapped around the penis and left for a few minutes. The action aims to activate blood flow, increasing the elasticity of the skin of the organ. Repeat the process 4 times in 20 minutes.
  2. Massage. The manipulation technique should aim to lengthen the penis. Massage and stretching help to evenly distribute high-volume restored blood flow through the veins. Refrigerant must be used during the procedure. A soda paste is preliminarily prepared (a small amount of soda is diluted with water to the consistency of a paste), which is gently rubbed into the tissues of the penis. You can also use the powdered form of the substance, however, in the dissolved form, the soda is better absorbed, providing a good result.
  3. The final stage. After manipulation, you need to relax and lie down. If you immediately get up and return to the normal rhythm of life, the body will perceive this as stress, which will affect the restored blood flow.

In addition to massage, there are other recipes to enlarge the penis with baking soda.

To begin with, it is worth understanding whether it is really necessary to enlarge your penis, because scientists have long ago proved that to please a partner, it is not necessary to own a large penis, it is enough to manage it correctly.

If, however, a man has decided to take drastic measures, it is better to start with the simplest, cheapest and relatively natural method. Many experts often talk about the beneficial properties of soda.

Soda is used to treat thrush in women, but for men, another use of this product is relevant:

  • soda scrub;
  • soda baths;
  • soda massage.
Means Compound Preparation and application
  • Warm water - 200 ml;
  • soda - 1 teaspoon
  1. The soda dissolves in a glass of water.
  2. The penis is immersed in the bath for 15 minutes.

Do not shower less than an hour before intercourse. With this method, you can get a significant increase in skin elasticity.

Soda Scrub
  • Baking soda - 1 tbsp. I. ;
  • Water
  1. Soda is diluted with water to a paste-like consistency.
  2. The resulting composition lubricates the genital organ and gently massages for 5-7 minutes.

Precautionary measures:

  • so as not to injure the skin, the movements must be very smooth;
  • if there is a burning or itching sensation, the product must be washed immediately and the surface must be greased with natural fats (vegetable or animal), without affecting the head;
  • when burning in the head area, it should be washed under running water as soon as possible.

With the help of this tool, you can significantly increase erection.

honey scrub
  • Liquid honey - 1 tbsp. I. ;
  • Soda - 1 tbsp. I.
  1. Honey and soda are mixed in equal proportions.
  2. The penis is lubricated with the resulting composition and rubbed with massage movements for 5 minutes.

The result of the application is similar to the effect after exfoliating with soda. However, the honey softens the soda, making the method safer.

soda compress
  • Soda - 1 tbsp. I. ;
  • gauze napkin;
  • Water
  1. Soda is placed on a gauze napkin and slightly moistened with water.
  2. The resulting compress is applied to the penis.
  3. You need to maintain the structure for at least 15 and no more than 20 minutes.

Increases blood flow to the penis

solution to drink
  • A glass of water (200 ml);
  • soda - 0. 5 tsp
  1. The soda dissolves in a glass of warm water.
  2. The liquid is drunk in the first half of the day before meals
soda lotion
  • Soda - 1 tbsp. I. ;
  • glass of water
  1. The penis is carefully washed and dried.
  2. The soda dissolves in the water and the penis is washed with this liquid.
  3. After the procedure, the organ is not rinsed with water, it needs to dry naturally

Soda Massage:

  1. The penis is well washed, dried and covered with olive oil.
  2. Soda (1 tbsp) is applied on top of the oil base.
  3. The resulting mask massages the penis, the movements should be smooth and circular. The duration of the massage is 10 minutes.
  4. After the procedure, the penis is washed with water and again lubricated with oil.
  5. After soaking, excess oil is wiped off with a paper towel.

The composition should not fall on the head.


The massage is done in several stages, which are as follows:

  1. Preparation - a soft towel is moistened in warm water and wrapped around the penis. In this state, sit for 20 minutes, wetting the towel again as it cools.
  2. The procedure consists of preparing a massage mixture by mixing the main component with water until it forms the consistency of sour cream. Rub the mixture onto the penis with gentle massaging movements, stretching and squeezing it as much as possible. Pain must not be tolerated.
  3. Conclusion - after the massage (30 minutes) you need to lie down and relax. It is important to stay in a relaxed state for 30 minutes. After the penis is washed in running water, the use of hygiene products is allowed.

The presented manipulations help to improve blood flow to the penis and slightly increase it. Regular use contributes to long-lasting results.


With a soda solution, it is recommended to take baths:

  1. 2 packets of soda should be mixed in a three liter pitcher of hot water.
  2. Add the solution to the bathroom, where the water is collected at an acceptable temperature for a man.
  3. They stay in the bathroom for 20 minutes.
  4. Also, to restore blood, they resort to a contrast bath.

The presented method helps to improve metabolism in the skin and skin cells of the penis.

These soda baths are an excellent anti-inflammatory method, resisting the development of prostate inflammation and other malignant formations of the inguinal region.


Baking soda is readily used in the form of compresses or mini-baths.

To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of food supplement in a glass of warm water.
  2. Soak the penis in the cup for 15 minutes.
  3. It is permissible to use an additional compress by stirring 3 teaspoons of the food product in a glass of water.
  4. The resulting solution must be poured on a towel and wrapped around the penis. They are in this state for the same 15 minutes.


Using only massage or compress will not lead to a positive result quickly. It is additionally necessary to use a dietary supplement for oral administration.

The coolant is NaHCO3, safe for the human body in small amounts. If a man is diagnosed with stomach ailments, it is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

For internal use, mix a quarter teaspoon of the food supplement in a glass of water and drink in small sips.

Drink the solution once a day at lunch. It is advisable not to drink the soda mixture on an empty stomach, but it is not recommended to drink a drink on a full stomach - there will be no effect.


The combination of soda and certain ingredients allows you to obtain compounds with which you can enlarge your penis at home. To look confident and sexy in the eyes of women, it is recommended to resort to the following recipes:

  1. Olive oil mixture. The food additive is added to a small amount of oil to form a paste. The mixture is rubbed on the genitals to avoid injury and in the presence of increased skin sensitivity.
  2. Honey paste. One teaspoon of the supplement is mixed with half a teaspoon of honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the genitals for half an hour. After the time, wash off the paste with warm water.
  3. Necklace with balm "Asterisco". The balm contains essential oils, so the result improves and accelerates. For preparation, a balm pea is added to a standard soda paste in the amount of 2 tbsp. The resulting composition is applied to the treated surface for 30 minutes.

Apply the balm carefully. If after application to the penis there is a burning sensation, it is necessary to wash it immediately with water.