Vacuum pump for penis enlargement: types, how to use and care for the device

Male penis enlargement with a pump

Unfortunately, in many representatives of the stronger sex, the genitals are not able to grow at the request of the owner. And if some men are satisfied with the size and volume of their phallus, for some their small dimensions are a real problem, causing all kinds of complexes. Among the many ways to qualitatively resolve the issue of masculinity size, a pump for penis enlargement stands out. What are the characteristics of the so-called pumping system and how to correctly use the different types of pumps? Is it possible to harm the male body by penis enlargement with this device?

Pump for men: principle of operation, benefits and harms

The male erection pump is a transparent cylinder, that is, a graduated bottle that has an inlet and no outlet. Instead of an outlet, this device has a small hole with an attached hose, which is connected to a pump that pumps air from a bottle cylinder. The pump type varies depending on the pump modification. In cheap sex shop products, the bomb is represented by an ordinary rubber pear. The most expensive pumps are equipped with special pumps equipped with a pressure gauge designed to measure the pressure level in the tank.

Hydropump - Increases Penis Size Using Water

The working principle of the device is simple:

  1. The penis is located in the cylinder.
  2. The reservoir is pressed close to the pubis.
  3. The pump pumps air out of the cylinder. With the help of this manipulation, a vacuum is created in the container. Under its influence, the cavernous bodies of the reproductive organ fill with blood, causing an erection and a concomitant enlargement of the penis.

Initially, the vacuum pump was invented to eliminate impotence and reduce the symptoms of pathologies of the sexual sphere (including prostatitis). Enlargement of the genitals later became a sort of additional effect of the functioning of this device.

The indisputable advantage of the crescent pump is the fact that for some time after the operation of the vacuum structure, the member is in an erect state. This allows you to complete full sexual intercourse (sometimes in combination with additional drugs).

After pumping, the male reproductive organ appears more massive. Currently, the pump is sold as a unit that increases the size of the penis, which is quite natural - after the pump works, it actually increases, but acquiring the same indicators after some time.

Varieties of the device

There are several varieties of vacuum pump, differing in principle of operation and cost.

The increase pump is manual, automatic and water.

  1. Water pump or hydropump. Device operation is based on using water instead of air. These devices should only be used while in the water.
  2. Automatic pump. Allows application of pressure by means of an electric pump.
  3. Hand pump. In this device, pressure occurs due to the work of a rubber pear.
An automatic penis pump will provide a boost with an electric pump

How to choose a vacuum pump?

The modern choice of vacuum pumps is quite extensive. Also, it is allowed to buy individual parts - replaceable flasks, handles, pumps, etc.

When buying vacuum pumps for men, you should pay attention to the quality of the product. Thus, the options offered in the sex shop are usually distinguished by a quickly torn gasket at the base of the cylinder, an ordinary rubber bulb instead of a pump, and the absence of a pressure gauge.

High-quality professional pumps can be purchased from specialized online stores.

Having chosen a brand, you need to focus on choosing a pump for your penis size. Here you should take into account the device's app features:

  • Pumping option according to the classic type. A product that exceeds the length of the male's phallus by 10 cm must be selected. Circumference measurements should be taken at the thickest point of the penis (the cylinder has a different circumference in length, but the penis is not always). As a rule, products sold in the online store are measured in inches (1 inch - approximately 2. 54 cm). You can specify device parameters using the online converter.
  • Packing option. The bottle purchased must, on the contrary, be one size smaller than the classic one.

A pumping device is available without a prescription. However, the choice of product should be discussed in consultation with a urologist, who will determine the degree of need for the use of the device, taking into account the characteristics of a given patient. In addition, the urologist will be able to advise on choosing the appropriate brand of device that meets the man's individual needs.

Designs equipped with additional safety valves should be chosen. This modification will protect the penis from injury and help regulate the pressure in the vessel, preventing it from rising to critical levels.

types of pumping

There are two main types of pumping performed to enlarge the penis:

  1. Packaging. This pumping mode is performed to stretch the part of the penis, called the tunic. It is she who is able to keep the growing and expanding penis within its limits. Speaking of a tunic in simple terms, it can be compared to a wheel tire that performs its specific function. When buying a pump for stretching a tunic, its dimensions must be taken into account - the product must be narrow and small. Thus, the member located inside the product will not be able to swell in width - the vacuum force will pull it along the length. It is this fact that allows you to stretch the tunic and also increases the length of the penis.
  2. Classic pumping. It is carried out in a wide bottle. The force of the vacuum during this procedure helps the penis to swell, while the corpora cavernosa are filled to the limit with blood, which leads to a significant increase in the width and length of the penis.
The process of pumping the penis to increase its size

Pump advantages and disadvantages

Like most auxiliary devices, a vacuum pump made for men has several advantages and disadvantages.

The main positive properties of the product are as follows:

  1. It helps in overcoming the symptoms of erectile dysfunction caused by physical and psychological problems (fear, stress, breakdowns, depression, etc. ) or physical (pathologies of the vascular system, diabetes mellitus, consequences of surgical interventions, etc. ).
  2. Pumping is a relatively economical method of penis enlargement compared to some other methods (surgical plastic surgery of the male organ).
  3. Efficiency in obtaining positive results. After some time (for every man it may be different) there is indeed an increase in the penis (the rates of increase, again, may differ).

Product cons:

  • The need for systematic application. To obtain a lasting effect, it is necessary to carry out at least 2 procedures a day, with a minimum duration of 45 minutes each.
  • The need to produce a preliminary ejaculation before starting the procedure. Pumping will certainly lead to an erection, so the member must be completely relaxed while working. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the exercises will be small.
  • Maximum effectiveness is achieved only with the parallel use of special preparations.
  • The impossibility of operating the device in the presence of contraindications (the list of which is quite extensive).

In some cases, some men may experience side effects (the latter, as a rule, disappear after a few days after using the pump).

Possible side effects of pumping are:

  1. The appearance of bruises (red and purple spots on the surface of the skin).
  2. Unusual sensations during erection.
  3. Numbness of the skin, its dryness or darkening.
  4. Loss of hardness at the base of the penis.
  5. Short-term decrease in erection.
  6. Discomfort or pain.

Instructions for use

In order for the use of a penis enlargement pump to be as effective as possible, you should carefully study the detailed instructions for its use:

  1. Before use, the device must be treated with soap and water.
  2. The nozzle located at the bottom of the cylinder must be lubricated with lubricant.
  3. Carefully place the penis inside the bottle.
  4. Holding the cylinder with one hand, with the other make movements that pump air through the workings of the pumping part.
  5. After a complete set and evacuation of air, the tightness of the container must be checked - the upper hole must be fixed (or the valve must be closed).
  6. After the manipulations, an erection occurs, the phallus is slightly red.
  7. After half a minute, the valve should be opened and the cylinder refilled with air.
  8. Repeat the procedure after weakening the erection.

The total time for the entire procedure is approximately 20 minutes.

Additional recommendations:

  • The vacuum pump is a purely personal unit, it is not recommended to borrow it for use by others.
  • Increasing exposure to vacuum should be done gradually - 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes. etc. In parallel, the breaks between sets also increase.
  • When the erection achieved with the pump wears off very quickly, an erection ring must be additionally applied. This type of massager is designed to help decrease blood flow to the phallus.

To ensure that the device is used correctly and brings only benefits, you can also watch a video on this topic. This material can be found on various Internet sites.


The pumping method has several contraindications, including:

  • tendency to thrombosis;
  • pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • urethritis;
  • congenital malformations of internal organs;
  • pathology of the prostate or head.

Do not use the pump if you have circulatory problems (leukemia or anemia). This condition is especially dangerous if it is accompanied by a painful or prolonged erection.

It also causes a ban on pump operation, a tendency to frequent bleeding, as well as taking blood-thinning medications.

It is not recommended to enlarge the penis with a pump and in the case of taking painkillers (a complete list of them is usually recorded in the instructions of the device purchased or must be agreed with the attending physician).

Care and storage advice

How long does the vacuum pump last? The answer directly depends on the correct care of it and the subtleties of storing the device. In order not to have to change the product frequently, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. The pump is stored in a box, which will save the product from the harmful effects of the sun and mechanical damage.
  2. Before using the pump for the first time, wash it with soap and water and then dry it. Also, be sure to treat the device with an antiseptic.
  3. The device must be used exclusively in conjunction with a lubricant. The latter must not contain oils or Vaseline - these components can damage the pump.
  4. At the end of the session, the pump should be washed with soap and water, dried and stored in a dry place.

Where to buy a penis enlargement pump?

The sale of mechanical or automated pumps is free. It is allowed to buy devices to increase the phallus and improve potency in several ways:

  1. Have made a purchase at one of the pharmacy kiosks.
  2. Visiting a sex shop (includes an additional opportunity to get a consultant's opinion).
  3. When ordering a product from an online store.
  4. Use your own bomb.

DIY penis pump

As a rule, the average cost of a vacuum pump for penis enlargement is low, which allows you to buy it at a minimal cost. Also, this product is quite easy to create at home. The main thing is to act correctly and follow clear instructions:

  1. It is permissible to replace the cylindrical vial with a large syringe. Your piston will perfectly regulate the pressure.
  2. In the process of manufacturing the device, the use of a rubber lamp is allowed.
  3. An important condition is safety - the elements of a craft should not be made of piercing or allergenic materials.
  4. Use a homemade penis enlargement pump as instructed by the factory products.

Making a bomb from a chemical container:

  1. The length of the balloon should be about 40 cm, width - 6-8 cm.
  2. The used tank is dismantled, folding the edges near the top edge.
  3. The bottom hole should be approximately 1. 5 mm.
  4. A tube with a pear attached to it is inserted into the hole made underneath.
  5. To prevent injury to the penis, a ring made of soft material must be formed. It must be done, taking into account the diameter of the cylinder and pushed into the flask.
  6. The distance between the erect penis and the soft pad should not be less than 5 mm.
  7. All connected elements are glued with a sealant.
  8. The pump must be very dry.
  9. Immediately before use, a homemade device is treated with an antiseptic.

The resulting homemade device, made in accordance with all the rules and recommendations, will not differ in functionality from the factory version and will work at maximum efficiency.

Often, problems in the field of intimate relationships with women in men are caused by a rather modest size of the penis. In such situations, the operation of a vacuum pump will come to the rescue - a product that causes an "increase" in the desired centimeters. In addition, such a device helps to improve the quality of intimate life, prolonging sexual contacts and increasing potency. Actual reviews from men about the results of using the pump are mostly positive. When choosing a device, it is best to get a preliminary consultation from a specialist who will help you choose a pump with the required power, quality and cost.