How do penis enlargement pills work? Effective and safe means

According to studies, a very small percentage of the male population on the planet is satisfied with the size of their penis. This problem is really very serious, because dangerous psycho-emotional disorders develop in their context, men close in on themselves and lose confidence. This is why many people are so eager to find some method of penis length correction, and penis enlargement pills are one of them. There is an opinion that these funds are absolutely ineffective, and their positive effect is nothing more than publicity. And so?

penis enlargement pills

The principle of action of tablets

On the modern market there is a wide variety of drugs for penis enlargement, each of them has different characteristics and advantages, but their principle of action is identical. A man has access to special medical products that have passed numerous studies and are safe, as well as biological additives - they act not only on the sexual organ, but also positively affect the functioning of almost every system in the body.

Before buying penis enlargement pills, you need to make sure that they are effective, safe and authentic. Now fakes are in abundance on the shelves of the most reputable stores, so it is important to be able to distinguish a real product, because only it can positively affect the size of the penis.

The main advantage of drugs is that they not only enlarge the penis, but also improve the functioning of the reproductive system, which has a positive effect on intimate life. They can be prescribed in a medical institution to deal with various problems in the sexual sphere.

Due to their composition, these penis enlargement pills have the following effects:

  • increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • allowing a man to control ejaculation;
  • accelerate arousal;
  • increase sexual desire.

Most penis enlargement pills contain natural ingredients. Because of this, they have many positive functions. Therefore, the resources of this pharmaceutical group deserve special attention. The action of natural elements has a good effect on men's health, increasing reproductive capacities and the sensitivity of certain parts of the body.

The effect of some drugs appears immediately after administration, while others - only after a full course of use of the drug. However, the first ones have a short effect and, thanks to the second ones, the size of the phallus increases and persists for a long time. The effectiveness of penis enlargement drugs can be maintained if they are used regularly, even after the course is over. Thousands of men claim that they were able to achieve the desired result within the first month of use, and their penis size has increased by 25% of the initial total length.

Medications should be supplemented with exercise or the use of an extender.

What are the ingredients in pills?

The action of drugs is due to their composition, it is on it that the effectiveness, their contraindications, the principle of action and the number of side effects depend.

When choosing a drug, it is necessary to take into account its composition. Effective and high-quality preparations are made exclusively with natural ingredients, so they have a positive effect on the entire body. The main ingredients include the following substances and products:

  • Ginseng. This plant has amazing properties, which is why it is present in almost all recipes of traditional medicine, whose action aims to improve the functioning of the reproductive system. Ginseng is a powerful aphrodisiac, and the plant also tones the body, normalizes the psycho-emotional state, regulates blood sugar levels, relieves physical fatigue and changes the composition of the blood.
  • Ginkgo biloba. A few years ago, few knew about this plant in our latitudes, recently its popularity has increased due to its unique functions. In particular, they are manifested by having a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, which contributes to a change in the consistency of the blood, so that it circulates through the body more quickly. At the same time, men notice an improvement in intellectual abilities, regulation of the respiratory system and stabilization of the psycho-emotional background.
  • Bioperine. This substance has recently appeared, its main purpose is to increase the digestibility of any products and substances, which significantly improves the quality of treatment of various diseases. The compound also remarkably deals with the enlargement of the male genital organ, moreover, the first changes can be seen in just a few days after application.
  • With palm. If you regularly use this component, the work of the prostate will improve in men, and there will remain a full opportunity to carry out reproductive functions. At the same time, the protective capabilities of the body increase, the quality of functioning of the genitourinary system improves. The ingredient is prescribed after serious illnesses, which allows the body to quickly restore. In some cases, So Palmetto helps to deal with prostatitis, adenoma, impotence, with reduced production of male seeds and pathological changes in the size of the prostate.
  • Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. This component is well known to people who are professionally involved in sport. The fact is that this substance increases energy reserves and increases the effectiveness of training. This is one of the components that are present in sports nutrition. Not everyone knows that the discovery of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate turned some ideas in science upside down and significantly advanced medicine, so the component was awarded the Nobel Prize. The main action is aimed at relaxing cells, relieving spasms and dilating blood vessels, due to which the speed of blood movement increases, which means that tissues receive nutrients faster. The compound not only enlarges the penis but also improves the quality of sex life in general due to a long erection, a quick recovery between sexual acts and a preventive effect against various diseases.

There are a number of other components, but they have one more added effect. Some of them are hawthorn and ginger root. These ingredients also grow in our latitudes, many are familiar with their positive properties. Based on them, various remedies are prepared from recipes of traditional medicine, but the effectiveness of such infusions and decoctions does not exceed the same indicator for stored products. The above products and substances are most often included in these products, that's why it's so important to read the information on the packaging and in the instructions, and it's best to do this before buying.

Medicines to enlarge the penis

From the name of this group, it can be assumed that these products were made under the supervision of qualified specialists, underwent long clinical studies and meet all quality standards. Unfortunately, only 10% of "medical" remedies for male organ enlargement correspond to the above aspects. These funds are hormone-based, so for the sale, the seller must obtain a special license, and the buyer must obtain a prescription. But in practice, everything happens very differently. . .

The main sex hormone is testosterone, it is involved in the formation of the male body, it can normalize the functioning of the reproductive system, but it does not affect the size of the phallus. It is necessary to take testosterone funds with extreme caution, only under the supervision of a doctor, as in its pure form it leads to the interruption of the normal functioning of the kidneys, liver, causes gynecomastia and, as paradoxical as it may seem, it can cause impotence. There are several factors that prove the complete uselessness of hormonal drugs:

  • the formation of genital organs with the use of hormones occurs only during puberty, it is very difficult to activate the growth of a specific part of the body with the help of hormones;
  • not all body tissues have the ability to recover and increase in size throughout life;
  • it is better to give preference to means and devices that improve blood circulation when correcting the size of the penis. Cartilage and bones do not change their structure and quantity over the course of a person's life, which distinguishes them from blood cells.

The elongation of the corpora cavernosa is carried out precisely by increasing the pressure in the internal cavity of the penis. They don't grow on their own, even with the most effective methods. It is for this reason that it is better not to resort to hormone therapy, especially when treating without the help of a specialist. Otherwise, there is a high probability of developing serious diseases, the treatment of which requires large investments and financial efforts and, moreover, does not always end successfully.

traditional means

This group includes products that contain "secret" ingredients from various plants and chemical elements. The safety of these drugs is even more questionable than the previous variety. Manufacturers claim that these drugs have no side effects and have an extremely positive effect, but in reality there is an absolute inability to positively affect the reproductive system in any way.

Some of them work as aphrodisiacs and also increase blood circulation in the body. As a result of this, the phallus can actually increase visually, but this can be explained precisely by the increase in pressure, so after the pills are finished, the penis returns to its original size.

Before using these components, a large number of contraindications and a high probability of complications must be taken into account. Particularly irresponsible manufacturers do not even indicate them on the packaging and instructions. Often, after use, disturbances in the functioning of the circulatory system appear and allergic reactions occur due to the action of certain components, for example, silicon. In this case, a man may notice a rash, itching, fever and deterioration of the general condition of the body.

Supplements to Enlarge the Penis

This variety includes so-called dietary supplements, whose manufacturers claim that the penis can increase by 3 centimeters in just a few weeks. Of course, these numbers are far from reality, although users note the positive impact of the funds. The main condition is to take capsules or tablets regularly, but in a certain dosage. Supplements are vitamins combined with trace elements, seaweed and plant extracts.

There are several features of using dietary supplements, consider them:

  • supplements have a minimal number of contraindications and have a positive effect on the body, but this practically does not affect the size of the penis;
  • it is advisable to use supplements only in parallel with exercises or special devices such as an extender or a vacuum pump.

Supplements support health and enhance the protective functions of the body, which leads to the normal functioning of all systems in the body, including the circulatory system. Thanks to this, the phallus is better filled with blood, which means it increases in size quickly and effectively. In this case, the erection will be maintained for a long time, and its stamina will increase significantly. It is advisable to choose a product that includes L-arginine, because this element leads to the synthesis of growth hormone and also activates the process of protein cell division.

By combining biological supplements with exercises or special devices, penis enlargement will be guaranteed. However, it is impossible to precisely establish the result, as it directly depends on the individual characteristics of the body, the regularity of classes and the degree of return in training.

penis enlargement pills

When using pills, one must take into account the fact that they no longer act on the length, but on increasing the volume of the penis. At the same time, it is very important to perform exercises to stretch male "dignity" - for this, special devices are used and exercises are performed. If the funds are not hormonal in nature, then natural herbs will be present in their composition. The tablets are coated with a special coating that protects the active ingredients from digestive enzymes, so the beneficial substances begin to work where they are needed.

The positive effect of these elements increases the flow of blood fluid to the erectile tissues, resulting in a new "material" for the lengthening of the penis.

There are a large number of drugs with a similar effect, but not all of them have a positive effect and have confirmed their safety.


Preparations for penis enlargement have a number of contraindications, so before using them you should consult your doctor, he will diagnose the body and prescribe the necessary drugs based on it. At the same time, it is necessary to follow a clear dosage and recommendations from an expert, be sure to read the instructions to ensure that the drug is safe. If you increase the dosage to get a faster and longer lasting effect, you can only gain one complication that can even lead to lost reproductive opportunities. Penis enlargement products should not be used in the following cases:

  • in the presence of liver or kidney failure;
  • whether the patient used nitroglycerin before using the drug. The fact is that these pills are absolutely incompatible with nitrates;
  • if there are no erection problems, the penis can remain erect for about 4 hours, which will cause tissue stretching and serious injury;
  • the medicine is prohibited to be taken if a man is over 65 years old. This is due to the effect on the heart muscle, and with age, the cardiovascular system may not support this effect. With a strong desire to try the remedy, the dosage should be reduced several times, although the likelihood of complications is still;
  • the presence of problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • malignant formations.

Any drug for penis enlargement has contraindications, this must be taken into account when using them. Even some traditional medicines cannot be used by those who have individual intolerance to the components or a tendency to allergic reactions.

It is important to be very careful with various drugs and substances, as they can have some nuances of use, especially if they are injections for penis enlargement. They are prescribed exclusively by a doctor, and such manipulations are carried out only by a skilled worker.

Medicines are a great way to enlarge the penis, as their active components are able to act on the internal environment of the body.

Before buying a particular drug, you should consider in more detail its composition, contraindications and side effects, which will allow you to choose a truly effective and safe remedy. It is advisable to consult an experienced specialist so that he can suggest the most suitable "treatment" and prescribe a plan for taking medication or injecting to enlarge the penis.