How can I enlarge the head of the penis at home?

According to the survey results, most guys are unhappy with the size of their manhood and want to increase it. Because of this, some are interested in the question of how to enlarge the head of the penis? There are several effective techniques that will help to change the dimensions of the tip of the penis.


The ability to enlarge the glans of the penis independently and with the help of specialists is associated with the peculiarities of its anatomical structure.

The head is a small mushroom-shaped seal composed of spongy tissue. This is believed to be the most sensitive part of the penis as it contains the main nerve endings in the penis. Also in the head are the glands responsible for the formation and secretion of a mucous fluid - lubricant.

The main feature of this fabric is that it maintains its elasticity even after strong excitation. Because of this, this part of the penis is considered a shock-absorbing element between the tissues of the aroused phallus and the partner's sexual organs. Elasticity also plays an important role in the enlargement of the head of the penis.

Increase with the help of professionals

Sometimes the size of the penis and its tip is increased only with the help of specialists, as this cannot be done on its own. There are two methods: surgical and injection.

consultation with a doctor about penis enlargement


In especially severe cases, you cannot do without surgery. When performing the procedure, special implants are used, which are used to increase the size of the breasts in girls. They are placed in the tissue of the head of the penis.

There is another surgical method to thicken the tip of the reproductive organ. To do this, a matrix containing the patient's blood cells is added to the spongy tissues. This method is more effective and safer as the patient's cells will definitely take root without any complications.


Much more often, people increase the size of the phallus head by injection, without using surgery. It is safer than surgery as it does not require large incisions on the surface of the organ. When using the injection method, hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin, which expands the cells and increases the volume of the penis.


To increase the thickness of the penis, they use a technique called jelqing. This procedure is good because it is performed at home without the help of specialists.

Before training begins, the phallus is heated to lightly vaporize your skin and increase its elasticity. To warm the penis, warm water is added to a liter container, in which the genital organ is placed for 2-3 minutes. There is another method of warming up manhood.

In this case, you will also need heated water in which the towel is soaked. Then a wet towel is wrapped around the erect penis for 10 minutes, after which they proceed to jelqing.

To increase size with jelqing, the head is exposed first. Then, a strong ring is made near its base with two fingers. This is done very carefully so that there are no folds of leather by hand. After grasping the genital organ, we stretch its muscles and grasp the base of the penis with the second hand. Gradually, we bring our arms closer together until they touch. Then a 5-minute break is taken, after which the procedure is repeated.

banana in hand symbolizes a penis with an enlarged head

A head-raising exercise is performed every day and lasts for at least 20 minutes. Within a month it will be noticeable that the sexual organ is gradually increasing.

popular methods

To enlarge the head of the penis at home, some people use one or another folk remedy. Before using popular methods, you need to familiarize yourself with the most effective of them.


Penis milking is considered the most common way to enlarge it at home. To increase the dimensions of the head, the phallus is brought into an erect state and is firmly gripped by the fingers at the base. When squeezing, pay attention to blood flow, as it cannot be squeezed tightly. This will stop blood flow and cause pain.

By squeezing the base of the male genital organ, the following effect can be achieved: pressure will increase in the organ and more blood will accumulate, such a load will increase the diameter of the tip of the penis. Milking is performed twice a day. The duration of each procedure is 10 to 15 minutes.


To enlarge the genital head, some use the rocking method. When performing gymnastics, the patient sits on a chair and firmly supports his feet on the surface of the floor. Then you need to open your knees and grab the penis at the base. After that, the genitals are gently rocked so that they lightly touch the thighs. Through exercise and vasodilation, the amount of blood at the tip of the phallus gradually increases and its size increases.

pump vacuum

In order for the head to have a thick base, special vacuum pumps are used. These devices are made to improve the size of guys' genitals.

Regular use of devices will increase blood flow to the penis and improve blood circulation, which has a positive effect on size.

Before increasing blood circulation with a vacuum pump, you need to familiarize yourself with its contraindications. It is impossible to use the device for people with diseases of the foreskin, urethritis, congenital malformation, high blood pressure, impaired blood circulation and patients with kidney disease. All others can safely use vacuum pumps.

penis head enlargement with a vacuum pump

To increase the size of the pump, first wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water to disinfect. Then the device is lubricated with a lubricant so that the nozzle does not rub the skin. When the device is completely ready, an erect penis is inserted into it. Gradually pump air out of the bottle with a pump, wait a minute and fill it with oxygen. The procedure is repeated after the erection weakens.


Increasing blood flow to increase head and penis size is of interest to many guys who are unhappy with their manhood. To choose the most effective method of phallus enlargement, you should study expert advice and watch videos on this subject.