How to quickly enlarge a penis at home

Many men dream of changing their penis size. The operation is a very serious step that can have sad consequences. Therefore, representatives of the stronger sex are interested in how to enlarge the penis at home, which method is the most effective.

penis enlargement methods

Often, the problem of a small penis is psychological in nature. It has long been known that the main thing is not size, but quality. So, before you enlarge your penis at home, check if there really is a problem.

There are several techniques that allow you to independently change the length and thickness of the penis. All of them are great for home use. These include:

  • Pump, extender.
  • Cosmetics and pills.
  • Massage.
  • Self-hypnosis.
  • Phytoimpact.

Don't expect instant results. In this case, regularity is important. The best effect can be achieved by a complex effect on the penis. For example, if you combine a spray with a massage. It is recommended to carefully study the chosen method before using it.

Vacuum pump and extender

The vacuum pump allows you to increase the length and thickness of the penis, in addition to improving potency. It is a cylinder with a pump where the penis is placed. The pump pumps air out of the cylinder, due to the pressure, blood flow increases, the genital organ increases. The effect doesn't last long.

The extender is less popular than the vacuum pump. It makes the penis thicker, longer and gives it the right shape by stretching the tissues of the penis. The result of using the extender will be quite long if you use the device every day.

There are other methods of stretching the penis at home by hanging different weights. The load is able to stretch the skin, making the organ longer, but does not affect the thickness. This is a very dangerous procedure that could result in personal injury.

Various male enhancement accessories are also popular which elongate, make you stronger and improve potency. Nipples delay ejaculation and prolong intercourse.

Gels, ointments and pills

Gels, creams and ointments for penis enlargement have conflicting opinions and an ambiguous effect. There is definitely a result of these drugs, but it is very short. Cosmetic preparations are advised to be used in conjunction with a pump or extender.

Studies have not proven the effect of pills and capsules. Many of them are food supplements and in large doses can harm the body. If we are talking about stimulants like Viagra, then they improve potency, cause sexual desire, while the increase in male dignity occurs only due to an erection.

self massage

There are several types of massage that are used to enlarge the male penis at home. When carrying out, it is advisable to use special gels and creams, and immediately before the procedure you need to warm up in a warm bath. This will improve blood flow in Organs pelvic organs, ensure the efficient functioning of the reproductive system. Do-it-yourself penis massage in a state of erection is considered the most effective.

Massage performs several useful functions:

  • helps to lengthen the penis, make it thicker;
  • increases sexual desire;
  • power up;
  • It makes the erection last longer.

The subtlety of this method lies in the correct technique and the exclusion of lesions. After all, masculinity is a delicate and very sensitive organ that requires a careful attitude.

Especially popular is the Jelqing technique, which is aimed at penis enlargement. The movements during this massage are reminiscent of milking a cow. Jelqing has its own principle of operation, which you need to familiarize yourself with before running. Regular classes will allow you to see the result in 2-3 months.

self hypnosis

Experts take the psychological impact seriously. It is based on visualization, which has a lot of power. It is necessary to make it a rule to constantly imagine a large organ. This helps to increase the level of hormones responsible for penis growth. This technique does not require much effort and time, and the result can be effective.


And here you can not do without folk recipes. Penis growth can encourage the use of special herbal teas. Their compositions are different. Herbs that give the best effect include:

  • hawthorn;
  • ginseng;
  • tribulus;
  • dubrovnik;
  • Saint John's herb.

Opinion of an 'expert

Doctors are sure that only surgeons can enlarge the penis. A complex and expensive operation is the introduction of fatty tissue under the skin of the organ. Such a dangerous method of penis enlargement gives a temporary effect, because the fatty tissue area resolves itself after a while. What to say then about other techniques that are performed without surgery. His action is highly questionable.

Doctors advise not to poison the body with various drugs, but to love yourself and consider your dignity a true pride, regardless of size. If the problem really spoils your life, you need to contact a specialist who will help you find a way out. Most likely, without the operation can not do.

List of ways to enlarge your penis at home

Almost every third man secretly wants to enlarge his penis, although not all of them decide to take such an important step. Today, experts have developed and offer many methods to enlarge the male penis, but the surgical method still has the highest efficiency rates. The operation has a number of disadvantages - high cost and risk.

Based on this, many men prefer to look for ways to enlarge their penis at home in various sources and on the Internet. The most important reasons for the desire to enlarge the penis are the dissatisfaction of the sexual partner, as well as the psychological problems of the man himself. But, before looking for such methods, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with generally accepted size standards, without the influence of stereotypes and irrational standards.

Is it generally possible to enlarge a penis?

The first question that arises in many men is whether it is possible to increase penis size without surgery.

penis measurement before enlargement

But before clarifying this issue, it is worth accurately determining your own sizes, comparing them with physiological norms, in order to assess the feasibility of penis enlargement.

At the moment, modern medicine and the knowledge of mankind suggest several ways to actually enlarge the penis. Namely:

  • surgery, an expensive and very risky step;
  • extender, ie a specialized device for lengthening the penis;
  • pump with a vacuum method to stretch the tissues of the penis;
  • creams and sprays to enhance the house with a temporary effect;
  • masturbation and massage, which warm and stretch the tissues of the penis.

To get great results from home attempts and quickly enlarge the penis, you can resort to several methods at the same time. The combined approach in this case will only play into the hands of a man in his aspirations and desires.

How to enlarge the penis at home without surgery?

Despite the obvious skepticism about how you can enlarge a penis at home, most ardent skeptics are still trying to try out the techniques on themselves. After all, only personal experience can be an accurate confirmation whether these efforts work or are still a divorce. The main rule for achieving results is systematic implementation strictly in accordance with the recommendations.


man with enlarged penis

Specialists have developed special exercises, the regular implementation of which leads to heating and stretching of the tissues of the penis, which means that you can increase the size of the penis at home.

  • First, the skin of the penis needs to be warmed for greater tissue elasticity. Salt heated in a frying pan is placed in a fabric bag, after which it is applied to the penis.
  • Next, you need to get an erection, but at the same time suspend sexual arousal midway. To do this, a man will need a special lubricant.
  • Then, a ring is made with two fingers of the hand, which closes at the base of the penis. Squeezing the ring tightly, it is carried up to the head, as if trying to stretch the penis lengthwise.
  • Performing the exercise, you do not need to touch your head. First, about 40 stretches are performed, gradually increasing them up to 200 times.

This penis enlargement exercise is called the jelqing or duplication technique. As a result of this, the tissues of the penis are heated, which means that they become flexible upon stretching.


penis enlargement massage

There is another painless and free method to increase penis size at home. In addition to size, a man's potency also increases significantly. Before massage exercises, the skin is first heated with lubricants. But the most effective is a soft towel and a decoction of herbs for a steam bath. The towel is soaked in a warm decoction, after which it is applied to the penis for a few minutes.

In addition, massage is performed in two ways - massage in a relaxed state and during an erection. In this case, both methods involve stretching the tissues. With the help of the palms, the penis should be brought a little to an active state, after which, squeezing it, as it were, pull it away from you, down and up. In addition, the penis can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise alternately.

special accessories

Also, you can increase penis growth at home with the help of special devices. The modern market offers many products for these purposes, but the most effective pumps are considered to be vacuum and hydraulic pumps, as well as an extender.

  1. A vacuum pump is a device for improving blood circulation and stretching the tissues of the penis, improving blood vessel elasticity and potency. This device includes a special pump, a bottle, which works in conjunction with the principle of negative pressure. After that, the cavernous bodies of the penis stretch and expand, under the flow of blood, the penis gets bigger.
  2. penis pump


    • first, air is pumped, as a result, under the influence of negative pressure, blood rushes to the penis;
    • every day you need to use the device for 5-20 minutes;
    • some discomfort may be felt during exercise.

    If using a vacuum pump causes pain, such activities should be stopped or weakened. If, in parallel with the pump, special creams for penis enlargement are used, the result will not take long to appear.

  3. A hydropump is a copy of a vacuum pump, but the pressure in this case creates a liquid. In addition, this pump has a gentle effect, preventing injuries to the penis.
  4. hydropump to enlarge the penis


    • warm water is drawn into the bathroom so that its level covers the man up to his waist;
    • in warm water, you need to lie down for 5-10 minutes to warm the genitals;
    • then the pump is immersed in water, after which a penis must be inserted into it;
    • place the pump evenly around the penis, supporting the scrotum before creating a vacuum effect;
    • with the help of the device a vacuum is created, after which the man needs to relax;
    • so that the vacuum does not relax, various pumping movements can be performed.

    With the help of such a device, it is possible to increase the length of the penis by improving the elasticity and firmness of tissues and blood vessels. Also, with the help of such exercises, you can prevent and even eliminate erectile dysfunction.

  5. An extender is an orthopedic device that is used at home to enlarge the penis. Such a device guarantees several positive changes at once:
  6. penis extender
    • the ability to increase the thickness of the penis and its length;
    • strengthen the hardness and strength of the penis during erection;
    • increased duration of sexual intercourse by up to 60%;
    • improvement of the anatomical shape of the penis;
    • the results obtained remain until the end of life.

Application rules require that the extender be used a little at first, until the penis gets used to such loads. On average, you need to wear it for 4-6 hours, adjusting the length of the bars so that the man does not feel pain, but only slight discomfort. If severe pain has been provoked, use of the device is postponed for a while.

sprays and gels

With the help of certain medications, you can increase the head of your penis and its size if you choose the right medication. Every day, the pharmaceutical industry produces more and more funds for penis growth. But at the same time, it should be remembered that these remedies usually only involve a temporary effect while being applied to the skin of Organs genitals as intended.

The most effective means for penis growth are those in which the active substance is ginger, ginseng, glycine or arginine. Typically, we are talking about special lubricants, creams and gels that are applied just before intercourse. After that, the components penetrate the bloodstream, increasing blood circulation, as well as heating the tissues of the penis. The resulting effect lasts for approximately 3 hours.

How important is size?

According to statistics, the size of the penis is much more important for men themselves, while women do not value size, but the ability and ability to use it. From an anatomy and physiology point of view, science has confirmed more than once that a normal male penis should have a length of 12 to 18 cm. And the height of the man, his weight category, physique and race all play an important role here.

A big penis is not always a man's pride. As practice has shown, a large penis can give a woman during intercourse not much pleasure, but, on the contrary, pain and discomfort. And stereotypes that great masculinity is a matter of pride and a sign of masculinity have long been dispelled.

precautionary measures

doctor gives contraindications for penis enlargement

Before resorting to penis enlargement techniques, you should consult an expert in such matters. Most of the time, the desire to enlarge the penis is unfounded, there are situations when it can cause harm. So, for example, special creams and gels for penis growth may suggest the presence of contraindications, which are important to consider before buying.

Exercise, massage, and the use of special devices can injure the penis if such techniques are used, deviating from recommendations. Each technique should start small, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of the application. And of course, don't forget to moisturize the skin of the penis, warm the tissues before the procedures.

Sometimes it's enough just to strengthen the erection

To enlarge a male penis, sometimes a man just needs to achieve maximum erection. Due to the action of negative factors or due to sexual disorders, a small penis can be the result of a slow and insufficiently strong erection. Therefore, experts advise men to resort to the technique of penis enlargement and erection restoration through masturbation.

First, a moisturizer is applied to the penis (you can use a cream for the growth of a male penis), then you can perform warming movements by stroking it with your hands. When the penis increases under the influence of an erection, it is necessary to carry out up and down movements, as if stretching the skin of the penis. You can also lightly squeeze the penis near the head, which will only increase blood flow.

man enlarged penis

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine does not imply the presence of special recipes and means by which you can increase the size of the penis. But she has in her arsenal ways in which erectile function and potency can be improved. To do this, you can use special aphrodisiac herbs - ginseng, gingko biloba, thyme or hawthorn.

Useful for improving the quality of sexual intercourse will be a tincture of wild oats, a tincture of garlic, as well as a medicinal plant for lungs. Well, the most important favorite of folk remedies for a man's sexual sphere is honey and walnut.