How to increase a member: we consider the most effective ways

The size of male genitalia is directly proportional to the quality of sex and self-confidence. Many women believe that the parameters of a man's genitals are not of great importance, however, this is not entirely true: only with a sufficient size of the main attribute of love, complete and comprehensive high-quality stimulation of the walls is possible. vaginal, which directly affects the likelihood of vaginal orgasm. Let's talk about the best ways to enlarge your penis at home, without harming your body?

At the moment, there are many ways to enlarge the penis, the most effective is surgical intervention, which involves a qualified plastic surgeon. Using this method, even the microscopic parameters of the penis can be changed, thanks to which a man has the opportunity to perform full sexual intercourse. However, surgical intervention is accompanied by a long recovery, painful rehabilitation, in addition, this technique is quite expensive.

That is why effective methods of penis enlargement include home methods that help to gradually and safely adjust the parameters of the reproductive organ. On average, these procedures allow you to increase the original size by about two centimeters.

centimeter for penis measurement before enlargement

The most common sizes: what do the statistics say?

If we talk about the average parameters, then the average size of the genitals of Slavic respondents is about 9 centimeters (this value was measured in an unexcited state). During sexual arousal, this length increases to an average of 14 centimeters.

At the same time, the quality of the female orgasm is affected not only by the length, but also by the circumference of the organ in question, and on average at the time of erection it is 11 centimeters.

Furthermore, the researchers found that men from African countries have the largest parameters, while the smallest sizes are observed among respondents from Thailand and Vietnam.

Of course, these are mid-high data, which only represent a general picture of male genitalia size, depending on race, height, and other parameters.

Real ways to enlarge your penis without pain and material costs

Below are the main techniques, with which everyone can change the size of their manhood in style, get rid of psychological discomfort and pleasantly impress their soulmate.

Is it possible to increase a member with pomp?

A vacuum pump is a popular device for men, which is a special bottle with a pressure gauge. The device pumps air close to the trunk of the organ, which creates tension and increases blood flow to the corpora cavernosa. As a result of such an impact, it is possible not only to increase the body by several units in a row, but also to create a full erection. That's why the pump can also be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

You need to start classes slowly, with a few minutes of training, gradually the duration can be increased to 20 minutes. Before using the pump, the penis must be prepared, for this it is recommended to apply a lubricant or a special gel to change the size with massage movements.

Manufacturers produce both manual and electrical devices, the principle of operation of such devices is similar. You should not use homemade bombs as they can damage the genitals. Stop using the device if you experience sharp pain in the penile area, otherwise you may damage the corpora cavernosa, which will cause injury and impair your ability to have sex.

How to enlarge the penis at home with a cream?

To date, this is the only safe and very effective method that can be used regularly at home. Manufacturers produce products for topical application in the form of very dense creams and light gels. The first of them can be used at night, the second - before sexual intercourse or with an active lifestyle, when it is important that the gel is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling.

man satisfied with penis enlargement

The composition of creams and gels includes herbal ingredients that accelerate blood circulation in the genital area, which contributes to a gradual change in length and thickness.

Using the product is as simple as possible: apply the right amount of cream or ointment to the previously washed and towel-dried genitals. Spread the cream evenly over the surface of the genitals, paying special attention to the head area. At the same time, your movements should be quite intense and massaging for additional activation of blood circulation. It is recommended to use the funds daily for a month.

Creams and gels from well-known manufacturers have many advantages, namely:

  • Most compounds have a cumulative effect, so the size changes not only during an erection, but also in the normal state.
  • You can quickly enlarge your penis half an hour before intercourse, which will allow you to notice positive changes after the first application.
  • The products increase the sensitivity of the intimate area, which leads to a rich and prolonged orgasm, as well as an improvement in sensations during sexual intercourse in general.
  • Is it possible to increase the size of the penis with this method? Practice shows that after a month of regular use, most men noticed a change in parameters by an average of three centimeters. That means this method is really effective.
  • The almost total absence of contraindications and undesirable effects due to completely natural ingredients. Unlike synthetic drugs that are taken orally, the cream does not adversely affect the internal organs.
  • Along with penis enlargement, most drugs have a beneficial effect on erectile function, which helps restore potency with minor erectile dysfunction (eg due to strong arousal or fatigue).
  • Modern compositions have a light consistency, which is quickly absorbed deep into the fabric and leaves no marks on things around it. The cream and gel can be used with a condom because the products do not destroy the structure of the latex.

The only restriction on use is a strong sensitivity to certain components of the product, which can lead to serious allergies.

Also, it is not recommended to apply the composition to damaged genitals or in the presence of pronounced allergic reactions.

Is it really possible to enlarge the member with the help of massage?

The massage technique is another safe method that can be used simultaneously with creams and gels. To perform the exercises, just relax lying on the bed, apply a special lubricant on your hands and genitals.

After that, start making reciprocal movements from the base to the head of the reproductive organ, as if stretching the penis lengthwise and pressing lightly. All movements should be quite intense, but pain should not occur. This technique should receive regular attention, about 20 minutes every day.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis with an operation: pros and cons

At the moment, only with the help of plastic surgery you can radically change the parameters of an important organ. Using this technique, the surgeon can eliminate obvious penile deformities or microscopic dimensions that are a result of trauma or congenital pathology.

The disadvantages of plastic surgery include the following:

  • This technique is not shown to all patients, for example, with severe deformities of the penis, it will be impossible to radically change the size.
  • The method is associated with impressive material costs for a preliminary medical examination, the operation itself and the rehabilitation period.
  • Long and difficult rehabilitation, accompanied by various dressings, antibacterial drugs and painful sensations.
  • The actions of an unqualified surgeon can lead to violations of the structure of the corpora cavernosa, which will lead to erectile dysfunction and even complete impotence.

That is why today only the use of special creams and gels to enlarge the reproductive organ is a completely safe, effective and inexpensive method.

Recommendations for men who want to enlarge their penis at home

Here are some helpful tips to help all men change their sex life for the better:

  • Only use proven products from well-known manufacturers who produce certified products. Thanks to this, you will not encounter side effects, irritation and allergic reactions.
  • If you prefer to lead an active lifestyle, opt for products with a light gel texture that won't stain bedding and bedding.
  • Regularity is the basic rule in this delicate matter. Exercise and massage should be done every day, the maximum amount - twice a day.
  • Don't expect a big change. You can change the parameters by a few centimeters depending on the original length and the specifics of your reproductive system.
  • Do not allow pain during manipulation. If you feel discomfort, you should slow down or completely stop the manipulations.
  • To achieve a more pronounced effect, several methods can be combined with each other.

Now every man will know how to enlarge his penis at home, it does not require excessive efforts or expensive methods. Before using a certain remedy or performing an exercise, be sure to read the contraindications, if necessary, consult a specialist about the suitability of such a technique. By enlarging your penis, you will become more self-confident, as well as being able to satisfy a woman and give her real pleasure in sex!