How Much Does It Cost To Enlarge Your Penis

Every man would like to be effective in bed and fully satisfy a woman's needs. For this reason, many are looking for various ways to enlarge their penis. As this issue is very difficult for the patient to surgically resolve, this means that gentler methods are worth taking care of, eg penis enlargement with soda ash, linseed soda - Na2CO3 soda ash. According to men, this method is effective and bears fruit in a month.

soda for penis enlargement

How Baking Soda Affects the Male Organ: Penis Enlargement Methods

Many male or male men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. The problem is as much in the personal complexes as in the psychological shock when a woman, without worrying, told her chosen one about it. Today, non-physiological penis size is a very rare abnormality. Basically, in men, the genital organ Organ is a separate collection of various types of cells and tissues that perform a specific function within a living organism that is proportional to the body, however, the desire to increase it does not come out of the stronger sex. .

It is now possible to enlarge the penis by 100% (penis): Male penis Penis in animals through surgery, but this procedure is expensive and has many side effects. Men have tried many methods: stimulant creams and dietary supplements that promise to enlarge the penis all at once, these methods can be quite effective as they help provide enough blood to the penis for better arousal and a lasting erection.

If we talk about soda, the criticisms from men are really surprising. Soda penis enlargement is still real, but it's worth saying right away that you shouldn't expect glowing results. Soda should be taken along with special exercises that help to "stretch" the genital organ. An organ is a separate collection of various types of cells and tissues that perform a specific function within a living organism. What is soda for?

It helps thin the blood, which speeds up your circulation. The organ is saturated with enough oxygen and blood, so it gets harder and harder. This method can be used by any man, man or sex, as the soda can be purchased at any store and at the same time it is cheap.

Alkali helps to clean the slag body.

Magnification Optical magnification - the relationship between the linear or angular dimensions of the image and the object; Optical magnification - the relationship between the linear or angular dimensions of the image and the object of the penis with soda - a common method, but it is worth describing how effective it is.

Penis Enlargement With Baking Soda: How To Take It

Doctors adamantly refuse to use a male or a gender of this method by males, as the soda must be diluted with water and consumed internally. This substance can only be ingested by an absolutely healthy person, as the introduction of alkalis into the body can adversely affect the general state of health. When you shouldn't drink soda:

  • If there is an increase or decrease in stomach acidity. It is important to emphasize that few people have a normal level of acidity in the gastrointestinal tract, as this directly depends on adequate nutrition.
  • If you have gastritis or ulcers.
  • Diabetes.
  • The presence of oncology.

Having at least one of the above factors, it is strictly prohibited to consume soda. How to use the refrigerant correctly? Men's reviews describe several methods of using soft drinks, but we'll describe the most popular ones:

  • Recipe number 1. Add half a teaspoon of soda to a 250ml cup of boiled (chilled) water. Drink sutra after a meal for a month.
  • Recipe number 2. Some men believe that 0. 5 teaspoon is not enough for penis enlargement, so they use 1 teaspoon of baking soda per 250 ml of water.
  • Recipe number 3. This method is more adaptive. In this case, it is necessary to gradually increase the dose of sodium carbonate, sodium carbonate Na2CO3, from 0. 5 h. I.
  • Recipe number 4. Some human male or male human or gender use sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate - sodium carbonate Na2CO3 locally, ie apply the powder directly to the genitals. It should be noted that this wash can give positive results. Through massage, the blood begins to circulate faster and the soda quickly penetrates the skin, thinning the blood and dilating the organ. To do this, you need to wet the penis (penis): Male penis Penis in animals, drink some Soda Soda Soda Soda, Flax Soda - Soda Na2CO3, Flax Soda - Soda Na2CO3 and rub Slowly and gently cool the organ with soda for 3-5 minutes. This procedure is important to be performed before intimacy begins.

It is important to note that baking soda alone does not enlarge the penis, meaning it can temporarily make the penis longer and thicker, but by 3-4mm and only after taking a sip. The effect lasts no longer than 3 hours.

tweezers and soda

The effectiveness of the soda remains in doubt, as men's assessments are very different. Someone says soda is a panacea for all ills, someone writes that it's a waste of time. But nearly every member of the forum wrote about effective exercises that are used in conjunction with "soda therapy. "

a woman and a man with an enlarged penis

Gripping is an unsafe exercise that can help increase your penis size. Translated from English as "fixing with tweezers". The main component of the method is to squeeze the external veins so that blood does not drain from Organs genitals. Characteristics of the technique:

  • To perform the exercise, you will need keychain or automobile clips, which will secure the base of the penis;
  • You can clamp the veins for no more than 5 minutes in the early stage of training;
  • During exercise, you cannot lie or sit, but only move, even if you feel discomfort.

According to people's opinions, this way it is possible to enlarge the penis by 2 to 3 cm in six months, but with the condition that this procedure is performed by a man daily. In that case, it's worth using soda, which helps to thin the blood.

It must be said that this method is not safe for health either. Since this method is not natural and natural, the result can be ambiguous. Obviously, you shouldn't take these steps if there are blood vessel problems or chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.

Penis enlargement with soda is a simple way, but its effectiveness is not confirmed by anything, just by the criticism of men in specialized forums. So, before making that decision about penis enlargement, it's worth considering what it's for. After all, as doctors say, there are no small members, there are men who have not learned to handle their "friend". Therefore, it may be better to take care of your health and not try to enlarge your penis, because, most likely, the problem of intimate life is not hidden behind small size.

Penis enlargement surgery has become especially popular over the past two decades, along with other cosmetic procedure options. Having an impressively shaped organ is every man's dream, although from a medical point of view there are no standards for penis size. Furthermore, the peculiarity of growth and development of any part of the body, including male "dignity", is "responsible" for heredity. Although penis enlargement by surgery has been practiced for a long time, man has learned to correct what nature has saved.

correction techniques

Currently, there are many methods with which it is proposed to enlarge the penis. They include a set of special exercises, "miracle drugs", vacuum massagers, extenders, and so on, but in reality, at best they will be useless, at worst they will do irreparable harm to your health.

Medical correction techniques:

  • Non-surgical. The method is based on using an extender for a long time.
  • Surgical. The operation to thicken the penis is performed by correcting the hidden (perineal) section (part of the ligaments in the penis is cut). In this case, the actual dimensions of the masculine augmented "dignity" remain in place, and the length is visually redistributed to the area of its overhang.
  • Combined. A combination of the above two methods is used: first, an operation is performed to increase male "dignity" and then an stent is placed.

The only safe method by which you can really add a few inches is penile plastic surgery. Obviously, the cost of an operation to increase the "dignity" of men is high and not within everyone's reach. The physician prescribes the surgical intervention after a thorough examination of the patient, which makes it possible to exclude intractable consequences. Do not think that the penis is an organ of the body (hand, leg, finger, ear, etc. ), nowadays often used in the meaning of "penis" it is surgically enlarged by those who ask, there are a number of indications for this. As a rule, plastic surgery is prescribed for the micro-size of the penis, which in fact spoils a man's life, both physiologically and psychologically.

Reviews of each of these penis enlargement methods are ambiguous, there are positive and negative comments. The only thing that expert judgments are similar is an assessment of the partial effectiveness of a large number of "miracle remedies" that can be read on the Internet. As a general rule, for male "dignity" to broaden and be able to stand upright, it takes a lot of effort, pain, and a not entirely pleasant period of rehabilitation. For obvious reasons, men are afraid to go to surgery and do their best to avoid it.

Indications for surgery

Andrologists believe that a small reproductive organ is more of a psychological problem for a man than a functional one. With 11-14 centimeters "you can live", and even with great success, manipulation of the penis thickening is not necessary. But a person with a micropenis (an organ measuring 2-3 cm) does not have the opportunity to have sex, so they should look for ways to enlarge their penis. But if the increase in male "dignity" is already an issue resolved, it remains to be seen at what cost!

Indications for magnification optical magnification - the relationship between the linear or angular dimensions of the image and the object of the body's penile organ (hand, leg, finger, ear, etc. ), nowadays often used in the meaning of plant limb "surgically:

  • Congenital anomalies (epispadias, hypospadias) and mechanical damage.
  • Micropenis syndrome. At the same time, the organ is of such size that it does not allow for sexual intercourse. In the photo it looks like "folds" and is a consequence of endocrine disturbances in the boy's body during the period of growth and development. In the adult period, an organ of this size often becomes the cause of functional problems, therefore, surgical augmentation is optical magnification - the relationship between the linear or angular dimensions of the image and the object of the penis is inevitable.
  • Age-related rebirth. This is due to gradual structural changes in the tissues of the penis (decreased elasticity, obesity, etc. ).

Thus, a "smaller-than-average" organ does not need to be disturbed and some aesthetic disadvantages can be ignored. The amount of phalloplasty needed is decided by the doctor based on various parameters, and if the penis is functioning normally and is capable of reproducing, then there are no direct indications for surgical intervention.


How much can the penis be enlarged with the help of an operation? If you study the doctors' comments in detail, you can establish the average amount by which a penis can actually be enlarged: 3-5 cm.

In addition, every modern clinic gives a man who decides to undergo penile elongation surgery the opportunity to watch a video before the procedure, which captures the course of the operation, action, or combination to achieve a goal. The plastic procedure seems far from aesthetically pleasing, and the rehabilitation period is quite painful, so this video often helps the stronger sex representatives to really assess their decision.

Phalloplasty is performed in two directions:

  • Enlargement of the penis.
  • Penis lengthening.

The amount of phalloplasty required is decided by the physician based on several parameters. It is especially necessary to emphasize that such intimate plastic operations to thicken the penis are performed only by highly qualified specialists in well-equipped clinics.

Several factors affect the cost of operating male "dignity", in particular the region of residence (in the capital the cost is much higher than in the periphery), the clinic equipment, and so on.

Before prescribing "Day X", the doctor will talk to the man, show a photo with the result of the plastic surgery already performed and familiarize the patient with the possible risks and consequences.


The operation to enlarge the penis is called a ligamentotomy. The penis is enlarged under general anesthesia, all manipulations are performed within 30-60 minutes. Essence: dissection of the penile ligament, which anatomically retains the penis within a man's body. It is due to the internal "hidden piece" that it is possible to elongate the penis.

After the penis is surgically enlarged, a period of rehabilitation begins. It doesn't last long, takes 2-3 weeks, and the suture is almost invisible, such a quick recovery is due to the good blood supply to the groin area. On approximately the second day, the patient is discharged from the hospital with a recommendation to use an extender and a follow-up list for dressings. Ligamentotomy is usually well tolerated by men, despite the impressive photos showing "terrible cuts", there is no major postoperative discomfort, and there is no violation of potency and reproductive function. All vessels, muscles and ligaments responsible for an erection are unaffected.

How much can the penis be enlarged after ligamentotomy with an extender? As a general rule, it is possible to obtain an enlargement of the penis using the above mentioned techniques in an average of 3-5 cm, the maximum result depends on the anatomical characteristics and the physiological parameters. After surgery, it is important to follow all your doctor's prescriptions, and then nothing will happen that could affect your functioning. After a few weeks, you can be proud of your renewed membership.


If the man, in addition to being modest, has a power problem, there is only one way out - the phalloprosthesis or the implant of an artificial prosthesis. Don't be scared, it's better to learn all about the growing method. If you familiarize yourself with the results of the photo before the operation, you will see: the penis looks real and no woman will suspect a trick. This is a very serious surgical procedure, in which the penis is literally "disassembled into pieces" and therefore the recovery period will be long. The cost of the operation is influenced by the quality of the implant, by the surgeon's qualification.

Experts believe that penis enlargement is a very risky step, which is resorted to in the most extreme cases.

The operations that allow you to give the penis the desired thickness are called:

  • Lipofilling. In this variant, the volume of the penis is given by pumping the patient's own fat cells, but the result is usually short-lived and the penis can only "recover" by 1 cm. When pumping synthetic components, the probability of complications is High. How much the operation costs, you need to know at the medical institution where you plan to have lipofilling. Each client of the clinic will be able to compare the result obtained through a photo.
  • Microsurgical muscle transplantation. Enlargement of the penis occurs due to its "wrapping" in its own muscle tissue taken from the abdominal wall. How many centimeters can you add using this method? The maximum indicators are 3-4 cm, but such an intervention to enlarge the penis is considered the most expensive and difficult. The patient must be anesthetized for 3 hours, and the rehabilitation period lasts up to 5 weeks.

How much can the surgery cost

The price of this type of intervention is quite high and depends on the surgeon's qualification, the clinic's assessment and many other factors.

For strong sex, before deciding on this type of plastic, it is important to make a financial calculation (the price is quite high even for a wealthy person), to assess the physical and psychological strength.

In addition to the painful sensations, anesthesia and a long period of rehabilitation, you will have to completely forget about sexual contact for about a few months. Even experts believe that penis enlargement is a rather risky step to perfection that is best used in the most extreme cases. Sometimes the cost of making a mistake is too high.