Myth or reality - can you enlarge your penis with baking soda? The whole truth about the path

how to enlarge your penis with soda

The issue of increasing male dignity concerns a large number of representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Some gnaw so much that the person is ready for literally anything, hoping to get positive results.

But, at the same time, not many men agree to seek the help of a surgeon and use creams, ointments, "miracle" pills.

They also resort to alternative medicine recipes.

One of these methods is penis enlargement with baking soda.

How realistic is it for a man to enlarge his penis with baking soda?

When using traditional medicine recipes, it is important to understand how effective they are and what threats they pose to health. The soda attracts many with its availability and low cost in recipes, but how much can it help to increase the most expensive organ for a man?

measuring penis size

There are some controversies on this issue: companies that advertise extenders or other penis enlargement devices scream that soda has nothing to do with penis growth, and some even promote the idea that soda is an alkali that neutralizesThe action of The use of acid and internal is even dangerous for humans, as it can lead to malfunction of the digestive system.

But if you include solid logic, you can easily see that the acid concentration is so high in the stomach that a light soda solution won't hurt.

Paying attention to the modern pace of life, it is possible to notice that the acid-base balance system of many people is very tense, especially men suffer, because they constantly need to be in shape, protect and support their families. And if a woman is still not happy with a man in bed, it greatly affects the man's self-confidence, which disrupts his normal life and steady growth.

The use of a soda solution can significantly reduce emotional stress, cleanse the blood and the human body as a whole, which will greatly strengthen the body and give you a better chance of enlarging your penis without surgery.

So that the penis is no longer enough to drink soda, the product helps very well in the form of a kashitsa, which must be rubbed gently on the organ.

Regular use of such an "exfoliator" for several months helps to increase the organ by several centimeters.

The result will not appear immediately, you need patience. And to consolidate the results, it is advisable to use special herbs and other ways to enlarge the penis at home:

  • without ointments;
  • without anything.

How does this affect penis growth?

measuring tape to measure the penis after soda augmentation

The issue is complex and ambiguous: on the one hand, there are no hormones or other components in the product that stimulate the growth of any parts of the body, on the other hand, it promotes the activation of water molecules in the body, which accelerates the body's biosynthetic processes, removes toxins and improves blood transportability.

If there are harmful impurities in the blood, their flow is interrupted and, during arousal, the man may not have a good erection.

When a man reaches maximum erection, the penis appears to have enlarged. And this is really true - the penis gets bigger by about 3-5 mm. After the excitation decreases, the organ returns to its normal size, but the greater the blood flow, the more noticeable the increase in the size of the penis.

During sexual intercourse, the penis becomes aroused and the stronger the erection, the more pleasure the partner will have, because she will feel the penis much better. But this is the first reason that leads a man to think about increasing the size of his dignity.


To say with 100% certainty that baking soda does increase the penis is unreasonable. Although soda has a positive effect on potency and the body as a whole.

The use of popular methods of penis enlargement will not harm a person, but, on the contrary, it will be useful. And if a man decides to surprise his partner in bed, just drink a course of an alkaline solution - even if the penis does not increase, the potency will be normal.