The whole truth about penis size and an overview of methods to increase it

First, you need to decide what big and small penis size really means. Note in advance that everything is relative in this matter. Some men have a reasonably large penis at rest, but with an erection it can be small, while other men have a small penis at rest, and when an erection occurs, it increases significantly. There is also no correlation between the length and thickness of the penis. Some men have long but thin penises, others have thick but short penises, I repeat, everything is relative.

penis size

With regard to research,the average member of a normal sexually active man is over 14. 5 cm. . . Most men have a 15-16 cm long limb.

It is important to note that you should not be fooled by pornographic films, where every man has a large penis. In fact, the actors are specially selected and have a larger-than-average penis, and they also use visual tricks to make their genitals even bigger.

What is the role of penis size for women?

The question that interests most men. While many women argue thatpenis sizeit's not important to them, and it's all about the right technique and a loving partner who treats them well, that's just half the truth. In anonymous surveys, the number of women who claim that penis size is important to them, at least from an aesthetic point of view, is significantly greater than when examined in person. This does not mean that a small penis cannot satisfy a woman, it does not mean that you cannot have an ideal sex lifesmall penisbut the hard truth is that size matters to most women. Don't panic if you have a small penis, according to a joint study by several research institutes, 70% of all women are happy with their partners' penis size, while only 50% of all men are happywith your own penis. Therefore, the problem invented is more real.

Good news.Very big cock is also not goodif a man has a huge penis, it can cause discomfort to the woman during sex and even pain. The medium vagina, being very extensible, is only about 11 cm. Thus, an average or slightly smaller than average penis can have its advantages, especially if anal sex is practiced.

Is it true that penis size is determined by genetics?

Definitely yes, if you have a big or small is mainly determined by your genes. Children of parents with large penises, most of the time also have a large genital organ. For children whose parents havesmall stickthey are often the same modest size. There are, of course, exceptions, but in general genes play an important role in size.

Can the diet, pills, ointments, creams and gels advertised on the Internet increase penis size?

Neither food nor supplements, pills, gels, creams and ointments affect penis growth and size. . . That's why all the so-called penis enlargement pills offered on the Internet just don't work, you shouldn't believe the advertising gimmicks. All of these pills and ointments can slightly increase blood flow to the penis, which can causeincreased erection, but the effect stops immediately as soon as the man finishes taking the pills and rubbing the gels on the penis. In the end, the man counts the wasted time and the money he paid for the inconsistent effect.

Regarding the resources for the sale of funds for penis enlargement, doctors smile temptingly on the covers of the sites, there you can also find fictional studies carried out somewhere in third world countries, read delusional reviews by famous porn stars, but in fact, this is a huge financial scheme. This is a very profitable business that sells cheap herbs for space money. As a rule, all penis enlargement and thickening products are made in China, do not have original certificates and can be hazardous to health. Some websites write that their products are manufactured in laboratories approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but that does not mean that the product itself is controlled by that department, like medicines in accredited pharmacies. Worse, many of these pills contain undeclared substances to make consumers believe that the product is working very well. There are hundreds of different penis enlargement pills, including some very famous and popular brands. The hidden ingredients of a drug are often commonsildenafil,tadalafilorvardenafil, substances used to treat impotence and premature ejaculation. While these drugs can help patients with erectile dysfunction, they can also have dangerous side effects and interactions with other drugs. Don't risk your life and avoid taking questionable pills, no matter how tempting ads or false reviews are. Speaking of criticism, try to leave your criticisms on these advertising sites, you just won't succeed, because all the criticisms and comments are made up.

Can surgery increase penis size?

Yes, it is possible without a doubt. For men with small penises, surgical stretching or thickening of the penis is often the only real help. The operation to lengthen the penis is called a "ligamentotomy". Such an intervention involves cutting the ligament that supports the penis, which leads to a lengthening of the penis by 3-4 centimeters.

Penis thickeningIt is a procedure that aims to increase the volume of the penis. To thicken the organ, doctors resort to installing the Ultrapro mesh under the skin or injecting the patient's own fat into the penis, a procedure called lipofilling.

Correctly, the penis enlargement operation performed is totally safe, does not aggravate the erection, does not leave visible scars and does not predispose to other complications.

In Ukraine, plastic urologists have accumulated practical experience and significant knowledge in terms of penis enlargement operations, but, unfortunately, there are very few specialists of this type so far. The biggest practice in operative penis enlargement in Ukraine has cities like Nikolaev, Kiev, Kharkov.

Can an extender, stretcher or vacuum pump enlarge the penis without surgery?

penile augmentation pump

Extenders, stretchers, vacuum pumpsbecoming more and more popular, they are often sold for a lot of money. Urologists - andrologists reasonably advise to stay away from such devices, because their independent use can lead to chronic damage to the corpora cavernosa, white tunica, nerves and vessels of the penis. In the worst case, the use of penis enlargers and extenders canlead to erectile dysfunction. . . Although many urologists warn of the dangers of using extenders, stretchers and vacuum pumps, these warnings are often ignored by men. Often, patients trust websites because they are attracted to fake certificates, fake patient reviews, non-existent doctors' recommendations, photos before and after penis enlargement taken in Photoshop.

Can Ijelqing (jelq) make my little onemember anymore?

Jelqing or penis training. The cheapest enlargement method, as no accessories are required for the jelq, which must be purchased. Basically, jelqing is a regular massage that a man does to himself. Jelq can be compared to masturbation in a semi-erect state. The technique of jelqing consists of stretching the penis with your hands, squeezing, stroking, turning. But it should be noted immediately that no official research has confirmed, in any case, the slightest benefit from jelqing. All the information that jelq enlarges the penis is based only on questionable analyzes and delusional articles on forums and websites. It will definitely not work to enlarge the penis while training, but at the same time it is quite possible to cause an injury to the penis and impaired erectile function. It is impossible to ignore the emergence of men's psychological fixation in the context of jelq training. Men, when embarking on the jelqing path, are very upset for not obtaining the desired result, which leads to fear of sexual intercourse and negatively affects erection.

What other ways are there to make your penis bigger?

Even without a real increase in size, it is possible to make the penis bigger, both at rest and during erection.The easiest way is to shave pubic hair.if those hidden 1-2 centimeters suddenly become visible, it will already be impressive. In the event that a man has a few extra pounds, the loss of fat in the groin can visually increase the penis. It is true that this is a purely optical enlargement, but a simple and fast method for the penis is inexpensive and without surgery.

What is small penis syndrome (SMS)?

Contrary to popular beliefs,small penis syndrome is a mental disorderand refers to the body dysmorphophobia syndrome. In fact, this is a wrong perception of your own body. Men who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder believe that their penis is very small, they are obsessed with this thought, but at the same time the size of the penis is completely normal. The symptoms are severe and include anxiety, depression, isolation from women. This is a very rare psychological disorder and is usually caused by negative personal experiences, such as a woman's rejection and other sexual problems. If you think your penis is tiny, but at the same time of normal size, it is better to seek professional help from your doctor.

Is there a relationship between penis size and premature ejaculation?

A small penis is usually the same as a large penis, but surprisingly there is some relationship, many men with relatively small penises claim to come quickly. From a purely medical point of view, it may be a coincidence, but not a psychological one. Regardless of how important or insignificant the penis size is for a woman, men with a small penis still feel insecure. This insecurity leads to stress and psychological stress, which contributes to premature ejaculation. After such a fast and unsuccessful relationship, more stress occurs, and the next time ejaculation occurs even faster, this cycle is difficult to break. This is the main reason why penis enlargement often helps to prolong sex time.

Small penis and self-confidence.

Last but not least, the biggest problem with the small penis- it is not the penis itself, but a man tied to it. Each member is different and unique, you can have a satisfying sex life even if your size is below average. Always keep in mind that most sexual feelings of pleasure that women experience during intercourse come from your clitoris, not your vagina. Furthermore, it is important for a woman not only what is between her legs, but what type of person you are and how you treat her. This is probably the most important and valuable advice I can give you: try not to get stressed by the size of your manhood, a big dick is not going to make you magically happier and more attractive to women. Don't let the size of your penis control your self-esteem.